Exhibition stand lighting makes brands shine

Buick exhibition stand by SYMA for exhibition stand lighting

Light is not only an elementary part of our lives, but also an essential design element in the trade fair industry. As we at SYMA know, the right lighting can support orientation, direct attention and influence perception. In this way, the exhibition stand lighting conveniently serves as an additional receiver, salesperson and consultant. Corporate values can also be transported, stories can be told and the target group can be optimally addressed. Light is therefore also seen as the fourth dimension of architecture in exhibition stand construction. But what is there to consider for the right lighting concept?

Aspects of light as a design element

Separate lighting concepts are created for each exhibition stand so that the lighting optimally represents the company, attracts and guides visitors. For this, the product staging, the economic goals, the organisational framework conditions, the target group and the design requirements of a brand are taken into account. Depending on this, different types of light are used. A distinction is made between light direction, light colour, light intensity and light intensity.

Steering with light

The direction of the light guides visitors through the stand. Uniform vertical stand lighting sets the direction of travel and horizontal wall lighting acts as a pull to the rear of the stand. But not only the paths are shown by the lighting, but also the attention is drawn by brighter, hard light.

Can light be hard?

When people talk about hard light, they tend to refer to the shadows that light casts. These can be high-contrast and have strong outlines, which is created by small, bright light sources. Very large light sources, on the other hand, cast soft to no shadows, such as on cloudy days. The specific target group is also addressed by the colour of the light.

Conveying brand values through light colour

Light colour here does not directly mean coloured light, which of course also provides a strong brand message, but should only be used specifically for decorative purposes, it is much more about temperature. Cool light, which tends towards the bluish spectrum, has a businesslike, fresh and generous effect. At the other end is a warm light, similar to the mood of sunsets or firesides. A neutral white light, equivalent to normal daylight, promotes dwell time, has a positive and friendly effect. Depending on the brand values, different room lighting can be used, but it is important that the colours of the products are reproduced authentically and neutrally.

Lighting options in exhibition stand planning

Especially in trade fair construction, lighting is always used for the optimal presentation of products. Therefore, a well thought-out lighting design, such as that offered by SYMA, should already be considered when designing individual exhibition stands. General exhibition stand lighting is a vertical or horizontal, uniform, soft light that can be warm or cold depending on brand values and is used for orientation and general illumination for customers.

Individual accents that are brighter and harsher and come from narrow light sources such as spotlights are used to highlight products or emphasise individual room zones. Accent lighting is used to set the scene, tell stories and draw attention. Decorative lights are also used in a targeted manner, creating a sense of wonder and attracting customers with colourful light sources and dynamic effects. All of this lighting is intended to create a coherent, balanced image, which is used for stand construction as well as in shop fitting, museum furnishings and display cases.

The optimal exhibition stand lighting

The lighting design can be based on the individual zones and functions of an exhibition stand or showroom. Accents and decorative elements create an impression and are visible from afar. They draw attention to the exhibition stand. Once you have attracted the customer, the reception area should look inviting and lead into the stand. This is achieved by vertical lighting that extends to the rear of the stand. Areas of the experience of individual products can be separated from one another by lighting hierarchies and illuminated to different degrees.

Lighter areas serve to present the product and darker areas provide the necessary contrast. Lounges invite you to linger not only with comfortable seating, but also with warmer, cozier lighting. Privacy can be created during counseling sessions by using low-hanging ceiling lighting. Information areas should generally be brighter so that they can be found quickly. Cooler light has a businesslike effect and an even, soft illumination of the faces ensures a more harmonious exchange of information. In this way, the lighting can ideally support the functions of individual areas of a SYMA exhibition stand.

So the design of the booth lighting has a huge impact on the customer experience and attention. Light can do so much more than just shine. It can lead, tell stories, attract and thereby sell wonderfully.

If you would like to find out more about how SYMA can put your exhibition stand in the spotlight it deserves, contact us here today.