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Rent or buy an exhibition stand? These are the advantages

A successful trade fair appearance often involves a great deal of effort. Not only must personnel be available and trained, but suitable advertising materials should also be available and products and innovations ready. A major cost item is usually the trade show booth itself. In the course of all these considerations, the question quickly arises as to whether you should rent or buy your trade show booth. With SYMA, both options are available to you, depending on your preference and applicability. In this article, we have summarized the main advantages of both types of procurement for you.

Money before calculator in deciding whether to rent or buy exhibition stand

Variant 1: Rent a stand

Those who are not sure whether they want to rent or buy the trade fair stand should think carefully in advance about the objectives of the trade fair stand, how often it is to be used and how much the external appearance of the brand, the products themselves or the messages to be conveyed require a change.

Advantages of renting:

  • variable: Companies that need a different booth concept for each trade show participation and whose CI and design change frequently should consider the option of renting the booth. Custom-made products or consistent CI elements that are always reused can, of course, also be purchased separately and integrated into the respective concept.
  • flexible: If you are a company that does not yet know for sure whether you will have another trade show appearance in the same look, the rental option keeps you flexible and independent for the time being. After the event, the rented material is returned to the stand builder’s inventory.
  • Service costs: No storage costs, no maintenance costs, no own transport costs. All services are included in the rental option.
  • practical: If the rental is accompanied by organization and assembly and dismantling of the stand by the stand construction expert, it is all the easier for the exhibitor to focus on his core competence and the presentation.
  • sustainable elements : Exhibition stands thrive on elaborate and individual design, which is why a lot of material is often consumed, especially in this industry. SYMA’s rental elements are increasingly being manufactured in such a way that they can be reused in other exhibition stands. This is done by a standardized grid of components, such as profiles, filling elements and other common parts. Thus, graphic elements such as logos or printed textiles can be recurrently included in the booth design, as long as the technical condition of these allows it.
Exhibition stand rental from SYMA

Variant 2: Buy exhibition stand

In some cases it is better for a company to buy the exhibition stand or certain fixed modules from it. This decision is related to the respective goals of the planned trade fair appearances and the exhibiting company’s offer. Each exhibitor must decide for himself in which area the priorities lie. Should the trade fair stand be as inexpensive as possible, calculated for frequent use? How often is the design changed? What are the characteristics and shapes of the stand spaces at the different trade fair venues? Does the company have the capabilities and personnel to set up the booth on its own initiative? Are there storage facilities in the company? etc.

Advantages of purchase:

  • constant appearance: The trade fair stand design and thus the brand image remain with a purchased trade fair stand for a longer period of time. Especially with traditional and less dynamic brands and target groups, this is an advantage and can be seen as a recognition feature.
  • Cost allocation: Buying a trade show booth can save you money in the long run. With a purchased exhibition stand, you invest in the future for several years and save on recurring costs. If many internal specialists actively help with set-up and dismantling, this can also save costs.
  • stable value: A purchased stand also has the advantage that it can be used several times a year and for many years to come.
  • Sustainability: Buying an exhibition stand makes it more worthwhile to opt for higher-quality, reusable materials from the outset – such as those used by our specialist Green Stands offer. The repeated and recurring use of the exhibition material and components helps to protect the environment by conserving resources.
Rental furniture in an exhibition stand from SYMA

Conclusion: Buy or rent an exhibition stand?

Here are some tips and questions to consider in the process of deciding whether to buy or rent your next trade show booth:

  1. Weigh the advantages of both options. Do a cost-benefit analysis.
  2. Answer the questions: How often do you use your booth? How do you want to present yourself and your products? Do you want to show something new at every trade show and thereby also alternate your appearance and messages?
  3. Calculate the costs for both options and weigh them against each other.
  4. Do not just choose the short-term cheaper option, but also pay attention to two factors: environmental friendliness and practicality.
  5. Let our experienced team of experts advise you on your options and possibilities advice .

How SYMA helps with the rental or purchase decision

Our trade fair construction experts offer individual consultations in order to work out the best and most suitable solution for you. Completely according to your wishes and stand preferences. Can’t decide between renting and buying? No problem: We are also happy to offer you hybrid solutions!

Business meeting with people deciding about exhibition stand renting or buying

Still unsure whether renting or buying is the right option? Do you want a customized trade show solution that will enchant your booth visitors? Write to our team via the contact form . At SYMA, we want to make your job as easy as possible – and help you turn trade show guests into loyal customers.