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Purchase individually designed system-exhibition stand

With the “Purchase” option, the concept of your individual trade fair stand is adapted precisely to your brand values and impresses with its unique design. Make your SYMA stand a guaranteed long-term companion and benefit from its cost-effectiveness. The right solution for trade fair enthusiasts.

Due to the multiple use, the stand purchase offers a high economic efficiency.

Design your sales stand entirely according to your ideas.

Already from the 6-8th event use the acquisition costs amortize.

Give your brand an iconic appearance – with recognition effect.

The specialized module elements require very little space.

The well thought-out design makes it easy to assemble and dismantle the stand. If you wish, our specialist personnel will also be available to you for this purpose.

The qualitative SYMA stands can be used for many years.

Thanks to SYMA’s own system construction, you can still improve your stand with our extensions after purchase.


Useful additional products for the exhibition stand

Furniture is the heart of exhibition stands. They invite you to linger, present your products in a unique way or conjure up clever room divisions for more privacy. Our finished products can be added individually to any trade fair stand or, for special events, manufactured separately.

Low storage space, quick assembly and yet outstanding design: our furniture unfolds its full potential at every trade fair stand.

A real eye-catcher, robust in running use and yet so quick and easy to set up: Our bar tables are not only popular at large events, but also provide your guests with delicious drinks at your trade fair stand.

For an optimal presentation of your products you need the right frame: Our showcases are individually adapted to your needs and offer, in addition to the ideal lighting, the best protection for your exhibits.

Our movable walls can be used flexibly and create more possibilities for your presentation even in the smallest of spaces.


Buy certified sustainable exhibition stand

As a pioneer in the trade fair industry, we have been offering certified sustainable trade fair stands for several years now. Equipped with the Austrian eco-label certification “UZ 75 Exhibition Stand Construction”, you can show your customers that sustainability is also compatible with your trade fair presentation.

All materials used for eco-label certified exhibition stands must be durable, reusable, recyclable and already certified in their raw form. This applies to the floor covering as well as to the adhesives or varnishes used. The use of environmentally harmful substances, such as mercury or lead, is completely avoided with such exhibition stands.

A well-planned transport allows, through the reduction of resources, a more environmentally friendly delivery of your exhibition stand to the venue. This not only reduces packaging materials to the bare minimum, but also optimises the necessary delivery journeys.

When planning a certified sustainable trade fair stand, we think holistically. The environmental standards apply not only to the raw materials used in construction, but also to the materials and equipment used on site, such as lamps or coffee machines.

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