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For the future in trade fair construction

Sustainability at SYMA

Already the founding idea of SYMA was in sustainable intention. Whereas at that time exhibition construction systems were custom-made and could only be used for a single event, SYMA developed reusable systems and thus ensured the longest possible and most flexible use.

Until today we use these systems for your exhibition stand. Just as we are constantly striving to develop innovations for the modern trade fair industry, we also think about our environment and design solutions for the future.

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Tips for more sustainability in trade fair construction

How to exhibit sustainably

You yourself can also contribute to making the trade fair industry sustainable. We’ll show you how it’s done:

On request, we can plan and realise your exhibition stand in accordance with the guidelines of the Austrian Eco-label. This way you can be sure that your exhibition stand has been produced in a certified sustainable manner and show your customers that environmental protection plays an important role in your company.

Conscious planning of your trade fair appearances gives you the opportunity to opt for the more sustainable option. If you are only organising a single trade fair appearance, renting our individually designed trade fair stands is the more sustainable option: the systems we install can be used again for the next customer. On the other hand, if you are planning multiple trade show appearances, purchasing individual elements may be the more sustainable option in the long run, as you can use them over and over again.

If you use systems from our range, make sure you really use them for the long term. If you no longer need the systems, you can also return them to us so that we can recycle or remanufacture them properly.

Our SYMA meet-hybrid Studio Cube, as well as the SYMA BLACKBOX, were developed with sustainability in mind. Not only are the individual materials certified, but the basic idea of a digital trade fair stand is also in the interest of the environment. This saves long journeys and your experts or the decision-makers of your customers can simply be connected digitally.

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