Creative trade fair giveaways with added value

Large number of ballpoint pens as trade fair giveaways with added value

Small, light and easy to take along – promotional items are indispensable at trade fairs. But usually after the first stand you already have two pens, three stickers and a handful of sweets in your pocket. As quickly as the nibbles are consumed, the effect of the promotional items is also over. In this article, we therefore provide tips for creative trade fair giveaways with added value, whose sustainability also ensures long-lasting memories of your brand.

Target group oriented selection of promotional items

Just as with product development, the target group comes first when choosing the right trade fair giveaways. Only when you have put yourself in the position of understanding the needs and motivations of the trade fair visitors can you offer these promotional items, which will subsequently remain in their possession for a long time. Questions like “What can my target group use well?” or “What values are important to them?” help create new ideas.

Ideas for creative trade fair giveaways

In this way, the values of one’s own brand can also be transported and strengthened with these small gifts. If, for example, sustainability and environmental protection are a major corporate goal, this basic attitude should also be reflected in the trade fair giveaways. If the target group is particularly tech-savvy, small gadgets for everyday use can provide meaningful added value. There are also healthy alternatives to chocolate and co. for a wide range of target groups.

Sustainable giveaways

Flower seeds

Beautifully packaged in a paper bag or a branded wooden cube, printed with the logo or a nice saying, flowers or flower seeds always put a smile on people’s faces.


Cloth towels in the corporate CI, printed with logo, slogan or picture and sealed with beeswax are very trendy. This not only preserves food in a sustainable way, but also packages your brand in a memorable way.

Metal straw

Similarly practical and sustainable as a reusable drinking cup, but much smaller and handier, are metal straws that fit into any jacket pocket with a slogan or logo and provide the necessary hydration.

Cloth carrier bag

To be able to bring all creative trade fair giveaways home safely, trade fair visitors are always happy to receive sustainable carrier bags. Made of fabric, felt or recycled materials, they can safely transport even the heaviest, most exciting product catalogues.

For the tech-savvy target group

Especially if your business is related to computers, smartphones, or other tech gadgets, tech-related giveaways are also ideal – but the truth is, anyone can put these creative little items to good use!

Microfiber cloth

A branded microfiber cloth is ideal for cleaning screens, but it’s also a feast for the eyes of eyeglass wearers and even a welcome gadget for photographers.


Powerbanks have been a trend at trade fairs for a long time and will not disappear any time soon, as everyone needs an extra portion of energy.

Pop Sockets

Still relatively new as a trade show giveaway are the handy cell phone grips that double as stands on the back of smartphone cases for a comfortable mobile experience. The round surface is ideal for printing logos.

Culinary fair giveaways instead of chocolate

Being able to offer a healthy alternative to sweets not only helps on chocolate-melting hot trade fair days, but is also a welcome change in general.

Spice blends

Not only is there room for brand values on the packaging, but the composition of the spices themselves also offers plenty of scope for communicating brand characteristics. As spicy as chili, as invigorating as rosemary or as solid as salt, your brand could be.

Coffee and tea

Whether in powder form, as sachets, whole beans or filled in capsules: Coffee and tea also convey certain values and offer a lot of room for interpretation apart from their packaging. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy freshly roasted beans or fragrant tea leaves?

Branded fruit

Probably the healthiest alternative is organic fruit, which can also be branded with your own logo using special Natural Laserbranding. Whether it’s a classic apple, fresh lemon or exotic kiwi, the fruit is sure to be a welcome change after the fifth chocolate from the other stands.

Especially at large, busy trade fairs, it is important to stand out from the crowd and be remembered. However, the creative small trade fair giveaways are only a small part of the overall picture. We set the scene for your company, no matter what size, with the right exhibition stand , excellent lighting and even the right scenting. This is how your entire trade fair appearance will be remembered. We will be happy to advise you in an initial meeting on trade fair stand planning and on all ideas relating to trade fair giveaways!