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Exhibition systems

Our SYMA technology is based on four basic systems, which open up a wide range of possible applications depending on your requirements and creativity.

The profiles can be roughly divided into the following areas of application:

Systems for module stand construction

Our history began in 1961 with the modular stand construction and the development of the first trade fair construction system. To this day, the original


, the basis for our system and modular exhibition stand construction. Together with the


which, as a cubic profile, enables an open room structure, a wide variety of basic constructions can be designed for exhibition stand construction.

Frame systems

Our prefabricated frame systems




bring a further dimension to trade fair construction. The prefabricated frames can be combined modularly in all directions and covered with different materials.

Systems for multi-storey

Multi-storey exhibition stands can also be created with ease using SYMA profiles.


offers a particularly high load capacity with ultra-fast assembly. Our


stands for high quality and can be reliably used even in outdoor areas.

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Exhibition systems

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