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Our USPs

Our advantages for system users

Our patented exhibition systems offer almost infinite combination possibilities in the long term. This enables us to offer you a wide range of finished products with the unique SYMA technology. From showcases made of our frame profiles, to quickly assembled walls and furniture, to bar tables. Even large-scale, modern presentation elements, such as the SYMA BLACKBOX and the SYMA meet-hybrid Studio Cube, are made from our proven systems. For all those who have already learned to appreciate our exhibition systems and like to make their own creations, here is all the information you need on how to use the established SYMA systems.

If you are not yet familiar with our exhibition systems, we will show you what makes them so exceptional:

Our exhibition systems can not only be assembled with each other within a system group, but also create unique constructions across the board.

Profile systems, patented connection techniques and various accessories open up enormous freedom for the creative system user, which is particularly appreciated in trade fair construction, but also in architecture and even for industrial applications.

Even with our four basic systems, there is a wide range of possibilities. Square, polygonal or even round base profiles can be used as required.

Thanks to the robust stability of our SYMA profiles, we are also able to realise multi-storey complete solutions.

Made from aluminium, our profiles are not only durable in their initial stock, but can also be recycled particularly efficiently. The infinite flexibility allows their use in different areas and, due to the reusability, also contributes to sustainability.

New applications for trade fairs or other sales platforms are constantly being created from our tried and tested systems.


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Our products in action

Virtual Reality experience without 3D glasses


Just as SYMA is represented all over the world, our products also cross borders – of space and time. The SYMA BLACKBOX offers your visitors a new kind of virtual reality experience on only 25m² – live and without glasses. Bring entire virtual rooms to life with ease and choose the perfect ambience for your audience presentation or meeting. These impressions can also be shared live via a QR code with other interested parties from all over the world. Find out about the versatile application possibilities of our BLACKBOX and let yourself be inspired.

The future of the trade fair

SYMA meet-hybrid studio cube

Experience the trade fair stand of the future from SYMA. The smart meet-hybrid Studio Cube is our first hybrid exhibition stand and an elegant combination of a face-to-face exhibition and an online event. Through its studio functions, viewers from all over the world can be connected with the live audience on site. At the same time, a complete digital image of your trade fair stand is also created so that the well thought-out, individual stand design also inspires your online visitors. Never before has your trade fair presentation been able to reach so many people at the same time. Visit our topic page for more information and find out what benefits a smart stand offers and why your hybrid stand is also more sustainable.

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