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The advantages of artificial intelligence (AI) in trade fair construction

Das Gehirn als Zeichen für KI im Messebau

Since the presentation of ChatGPT at the latest, artificial intelligence has been on everyone’s lips. While some see huge potential in it, indeed the dawn of a new era, others warn of the impact of AI on the labour market and the consequences of too little regulation in dealing with the new technology.

Both sides are not wrong in their argumentation: artificial intelligence can make all our lives significantly easier, but it also has its pitfalls. Using our industry as an example, we therefore want to take a look at what advantages the use of AI in trade fair construction brings with it, in which areas it can provide particularly successful support, but also where it is better to exercise caution.

The potential of artificial intelligence

Constantly recurring tasks that follow a certain logic, fixed processes or answering frequent questions – these are all areas in which AI can be used successfully. The automation of such processes – which often take a lot of time and nerves from employees – can both save costs and increase efficiency in the company.

This is why this potential has been used in many areas – including trade fair construction – for years. Chatbots, which are the first point of contact with companies, can answer many questions completely independently, freeing up staff resources for more complicated cases. Sensors that track the flow of visitors and the time they spend at the stand and then evaluate this data are also already being used successfully.

The open and free mind of artificial intelligence in trade fair construction

With the new innovations in the field of artificial intelligence, which have been taking the world by storm since the end of 2022 at the latest, numerous new opportunities are now also opening up in the event industry.

The new generation of AI and its advantages for exhibition stand construction

Since the company OpenAI officially presented its chatbot ChatGPT in autumn 2022, even the average Joe has realised that a new chapter has been opened in the development of artificial intelligence. Instead of just collecting and classifying data, the system can now also process existing information and specifications in such a way that new content is created. Programmes such as DALL-E, Midjourney and ChatGPT use algorithms and machine learning to generate new solutions based on artificial neural networks.

CHATGpt as a symbol for the use of AI in trade fair construction

Generative Artificial Intelligence, or “Generative AI”, is the new generation of the AI world and together with the options already available, this creates unprecedented opportunities for efficiency and cost savings – also for the exhibition industry. Some of the areas in which AI can already be used successfully now, but especially in the future, are for example:

  • Translations
  • Retrieval of information
  • Assistance work
  • Marketing and other texts
  • Matchmaking for event networking
  • Interaction measurement of visitors
  • Idea generation and first drafts for trade fair stand designs
  • Evaluate video material (keywording of information, automatic summaries)

Practical example graphic design

The German company Pixlip, experts in LED advertising spaces, demonstrates how AI can be used to create the graphic design of a trade fair stand can be created and what learnings you can take away from the example. Using the AI platforms MidJourney and DALL-E, graphics were generated and stitched together around a desired theme. We at SYMA have also excitedly carried out these tests for first drafts of a trade fair stand. Our conclusion: Individual elements of a trade fair stand can already be generated with the help of AI; Assisting with ideation and first draft saves our design experts valuable time so they can focus on the more challenging aspects of the creative process The detailed work and quality assurance, however, had to be done by graphic designers, as this is where the AI reached its limits.

Design and sketches as a possible area of application for AI in trade fair construction.

The pitfalls and dangers of AI in trade fair construction

The advantages of AI in general, and in trade fair construction in particular, sound fantastic at first; However, one should always be aware that experienced experts are irreplaceable, both in the control of the AI and in the implementation of AI-generated proposals or stand designs. As mentioned in the example above, first drafts of artificial intelligence can be helpful starting points, but for the detailed work and final assessment of coherence and feasibility, people with expertise are needed.

The possibilities of AI are impressive, yet erroneous results and inaccuracies can occur. Furthermore, it has been found that AI-based programmes sometimes tend to make up facts freely or provide meaningless output when the knowledge base is insufficient. For these reasons, caution is advised and work with them should be left to experienced professionals in their respective fields so that results can be professionally verified.

It has also now been demonstrated how easy it is to use AI to create fraudulent or morally reprehensible content And the open questions regarding copyright, liability and data protection are also problematic and should therefore, until a valid set of rules has been worked out here, always be considered when using AI.

Example of the numerous challenges in the implementation of AI in trade fair construction.

Conclusion: AI in trade fair construction – clear advantage for experts

The potential for cost savings through the use of AI is huge. For Germany alone, the automation of standard tasks is expected to save several billion euros over the next ten years; In the trade fair industry, too, it is a good idea to get to grips with technology and use it in suitable areas. However, experts should always be involved who understand design, materials, the trade fair industry in general and the conditions on site in order to compensate for the weaknesses of the AI.

Are you looking for experts like these to make your trade fair stand design – with or without the use of AI – an eye-catcher? Contact us right away for a no-obligation discussion. We will find the right solution for your trade fair presentation.