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Museum showcases

SYMA display cases enjoy an excellent reputation in museum circles.

They stand for “Swiss made” quality and high quality materials. From simple standard and all-glass display cases to sophisticated movable wall systems and comprehensive exhibition concepts – the variety of available options guarantees you, as an exhibition designer, a great deal of creative freedom.

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Custom Showcase

We provide our customers with an extensive furnishing and presentation program that also covers individual needs.

Our many years of experience and in-house processing with the materials glass, metal and wood as well as in the areas of security, lighting and air conditioning technology prove us to be a competent partner.

From the special theme of the exhibits, SYMA is constantly developing new solutions for contemporary exhibition technology.

We will help you to plan and realize the showcases and their lighting and safety. We manufacture your showcases according to your wishes, all-glass or profile showcases with all types of openings. Free-standing or built-in showcases we leave nothing to be desired.

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Climate display cases

Showcases present exhibits in the best light. At the same time, respective conservation requirements must be met. Valuable, endangered art objects must be adapted to the climatic conditions in modern premises.

Different measures can be used to achieve different levels of object protection. With the use of the most modern ventilation solutions, almost all climatic conditions can be created for the most diverse requirements in showcases.

For air conditioning in the showcase we offer the most modern techniques. From the simple control of the climate by means of Pro-Sorb technology, to the use of an air conditioner.

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