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The hybrid exhibition stand by SYMA

The hybrid exhibition stand by SYMA
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Interactive exhibition space for face-to-face and online visitors from all over the world

The hybrid exhibition stand by SYMA

We have developed the hybrid exhibition stand as a clear perspective for exhibitions and trade fairs in the new online/offline reality 2021+. #hybridExhibitionStand

3 defining elements will make each of our exhibition stands a hybrid exhibition stand in the future:

The hybrid exhibition stand by SYMA

The meet-hybrid studio cube

expands an exhibition space at the stand with a complete on/offline studio for all live events, such as discussions, interviews or sales shows, in which visitors from all over the world can also participate online and interactively.

The meet-hybrid Meeting Cube

adds interactive online conferencing technology to the meeting room, so that remote and important interlocutors and their input can be included in the client meeting at the touch of a button.

The hybrid exhibition stand by SYMA
The hybrid exhibition stand by SYMA

The meet-hybrid virtual twin

is automatically created with every SYMA hybrid stand and, as a separate marketing tool, adds a virtual room to the presence stand. This gives online visitors from all over the world 24/7 access to all the possibilities that the presence stand also offers - in addition, many online-exclusive, modern techniques for product presentation are available.

2 additional extensions turn this basis into the SYMA exhibition stand of the future:

Certified sustainable stand construction - based on reuse of the stand or materials, with a recycling rate of 80%.

Modern exhibition stands are smart - thanks to the "Internet of Things" and sensor technology that also records visitor data at the real stand that you would otherwise only receive online.


Not all interested parties can come to a trade fair at a specific time. SYMA's hybrid exhibition stand makes it possible for you to receive hundreds of visitors worldwide at the same time in addition to your presence guests, to inform them and also to let them actively participate in the programme. The technical equipment guarantees - even with rapidly increasing, virtual visitor numbers - stable scaling and complete customer satisfaction at all times.


If you need additional information, presentations or expert opinions in the sales conversation, you can call them in live at the touch of a button. No more delays or ambiguities.


Presence is the new premium. The fact that our presence stands emotionalise and shine is shown not least by the many awards that SYMA trade fair stands have already won. However, online visitors will be really thrilled, as they can experience the same as those present - and much more.


The hybrid exhibition stand is a one-time investment for many years. It flexibly adapts to your new offers. You will not only save travel costs in sales, but also additional costs at further exhibitions, because the digital twin and also the studio offer unique opportunities for sales, presentations or training throughout the year.


This trade fair stand is open 24/7 - if you wish, also before and after the trade fair or throughout the year. While presence fairs are dismantled after the opening days, you can keep your digital twin permanently open and use it again at the next fair or incorporate it as an impressive showroom on the website.

The hybrid exhibition stand by SYMA


You can also use the meet-hybrid Studio Cube outside a trade fair as a communication centre for all interactive and hybrid corporate events at your location. We have built it to be technically self-sufficient so that it can also be operated without a technician. You can rent or buy the studio.


You know that you get a lot of data about online visitors. But SYMA's hybrid exhibition stand also uses integrated "Internet of Things" technology to learn more about the preferences of visitors and to better understand their needs and wishes. You decide what you want to learn about your visitors.


The patented SYMA system technology is durable and reusable. The material cycle is already taken into account in the booth concept and is also an integral part of the meet-hybrid SYMA booth. On request, the stand can also be designed to be completely sustainable, in accordance with the UZ75 standard of the Austrian Eco-Label.


Staging is more than presenting. The brand is emotionally charged and value propositions are told immersively. This is the speciality of our partner "Event Partner Austria". For exhibitions, every square metre and every minute counts. Don't waste the opportunity to strengthen your brand live with architecture and history.

The hybrid exhibition stand by SYMA


It's one thing to create a technically perfect digital stage - it's another thing to create the right content for it. Videos, tours, VR, AR, interviews, showrooms, cases - there are only a few limits to the basic possibilities. Some of it you already have, some of it you may still need. Perfect staging and the production of emotionalised content in video, sound, image and more are the core competencies of our partner Event Partner Austria.

hybrid = joint and interactive

The hybrid exhibition stand by SYMA

SYMA's hybrid exhibition stand is the extension of the real exhibition stand and enables joint experiences of online and presence visitors. We thus combine the real exhibition space and the endless possibilities of the internet - with benefits on both sides.

The hardware, which is almost invisibly integrated into the stand, and the many software solutions enable virtual guests to actively participate in the stand, to receive individually tailored information, to ask questions, to have direct conversations with people present and also experts from all over the world, to act as discussion or interview partners or even to make purchases in the online shop at the touch of a button.

You decide whether visitors to your stand are just spectators or participants and how immersive and varied you want to make the experience for both online and offline visitors. #hybridbooth

Staging is the core competence of our strategic partner "Event Partner Austria". This applies to both the presence fair and online visitors. The media and possibilities are different and are currently constantly improving due to new software developments. But the goal is and remains the same: enthusiasm for your brand.

The three elements of SYMA's hybrid exhibition stand

The hybrid studio

SYMA's hybrid exhibition stand has the meet-hybrid Studio Cube as its central element. A complete TV studio is integrated into the stand on an area of 35 sqm, which is available as an exhibition area or for individual meetings outside of the programme times.

In the Studio Cube, sound, cameras and light are already invisibly integrated and are configured to your requirements in advance, independent of the environment. This means that you do not need a technician on site to operate the studio: It can be operated by the sales staff themselves after a short training session.

The studio is an integral part of the stand with its wide windows, giving online visitors the feeling of being present at the stand.

The studio can be used for panel discussions, interviews, technical talks, demonstrations, sales shows, sales talks, or stand parties with visitors present and/or connected. We will also be happy to stage the appropriate formats for you.

The hybrid exhibition stand by SYMA

The hybrid meeting room

In future, you will also be able to conduct customer meetings hybrid. At the touch of a button, you can access all documents, videos and content in your meeting room. You can bring every expert you need for your pitch to the table virtually to discuss the client's questions in an ideal way. This way you can better support your clients and provide them with more individually required information. For this purpose, we have built a separate room that is fully equipped technically and also offers time for concentrated individual or group discussions during the hustle and bustle of the trade fair. Online guests and live guests can work on problems in detail with each other in this meeting room and also develop solutions. For international partner meetings, you have a protected environment during the fair to go over previous successes and further strategies.

The virtual twin

Online visitors can enter the stand at any time via the virtual twin. They can not only view all exhibits there, but also interactively see all presentations, take documents with them or hold discussions - as if they were at the presence stand themselves.

In addition, they can not only be present as spectators at all events at the stand, but also actively participate in the events, if desired even take the stage and become part of discussions or interviews.

Online visitors can buy directly and live on the screen in the shop during sales shows or take part in training courses that take place parallel to the live events. The exhibitor determines the content. The possibilities for interaction between those present and online visitors and the company are manifold and are expanded weekly by new software.

The two extensions for the SYMA exhibition stand of the future

The hybrid exhibition stand by SYMA

Option: The smart stand

Visitor data is the currency at every trade fair. The more you know about the problems but also about the customer journey of the target group, the better and more targeted the talks and offers will be.

A variety of data is collected about online visitors, showing you interests and preferences - but also giving you more information about the origins and typology of people and businesses.

You don't know much about visitors if you don't actively engage them in conversation. Smart approaches from IoT (Internet of Things) technology can change this problem. Sensors, cameras or beacons, integrated directly in the stand, not only collect a lot of visitor data automatically, but can also offer visitors added value via individual marketing.

Duty: The sustainable stand

The order of the day, sustainability, is particularly important in trade fair construction, where the short life of the designed spaces is part of the concept. However, the consumption of resources at the exhibition stand can be dramatically reduced through considerations during development and construction.

The reuse of the stand and individual components is the focus. This is precisely why 80 years ago the founder of the SYMA company developed system construction and revolutionised the world of exhibition construction with patented aluminium profiles. What served efficiency back then is now also a major SYMA advantage for reusability in stand construction.

Our stand construction is certified with the Austrian Eco-label and even if direct reuse is not possible, our architects and construction technicians will ensure a recycling rate of at least 80% for your entire stand.

The hybrid exhibition stand is a joint project of the partner companies


Hybrid distribution

If you want to extend the topic of hybrid working environments beyond the trade fair to the entire distribution sector, we have an experienced consulting partner with a focus in this area. The Implement Group experts are currently accompanying dozens of companies from industry and commerce worldwide on this path of change and making you fit for the 21st century.