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SYMA 3D-immersive-live – an experience without limits

What will the product presentation of the future look like? SYMA presented its answer to this at EuroShop 2023 in Düsseldorf: 3D-immersive-live is a technology that sets new standards for how people view things and spaces, how products can be revealed and what can be expected from the trade fair of the future.

You missed the EuroShop or our Missed an Instagram live presentation or were there and now want to learn even more about 3D-immersive-live? Then read on right away.

Immersion in product worlds thanks to 3D projection technology

The name already suggests it: 3D-immersive-live is a technology that can be used to present the products presented in detail and from all perspectives – without actually physically exhibiting them on site. The virtual presentation makes it possible to view objects from below and above, from near and far, saves time-consuming transport and requires little space. A powerful beamer, a white or black wall – and the recipe for success is ready.

Would you like a practical example? SYMA’s proven MOLTO system. Not exactly a handy product that is easy to carry in your pocket. Thanks to 3D-immersive-live, interested customers can now also view the exhibition stand module without actually having it in front of them. Using the digital representation, all details that make up the product are illustrated in detail and in 3D, and materials such as fabrics or metal appear completely lifelike. Even different times of daylight can be simulated, allowing a truly comprehensive presentation of the finished exhibition stand – or any other product.

Visitors can virtually move around the product at will, like in a modern video game. At the same time, the glasses-free live experience enables the company experts to interact directly with the customers on site, to pick them up emotionally and to respond immediately to any questions.

SYMA 3D-immersive-live QR code for sharing

Not on site but still there – Sharing with 3D-immersive-live

The new technology offers even more: the entire presentation can be shared live with staff, colleagues or decision-makers immediately and viewed again later. Using a simple QR code, the selected session is displayed exactly on the target person’s mobile phone. Dispatch is quick and uncomplicated via link sharing. This means that the exhibition stand or any other product can be viewed in detail from anywhere in the world and also afterwards, without having to do without the advanced technology.

SYMA 3D-immersive-live smartphone transmission

A new standard for sustainability

With the use of 3D-immersive-live, SYMA also raises the standard for sustainability to a new level. This is because the purely virtual presentation eliminates the need to bring huge amounts of material and the entire product range to a trade fair, as all objects and rooms can still be experienced live and vividly thanks to 3D representation.

This means less space is needed for the trade fair presentation, the trade fair stand can be designed more compactly and thus not only saves costs but also protects the environment. This makes 3D-immersive-live an essential part of SYMA’s sustainable product presentation.

Sign for practical example of a sustainable trade fair stand at EuroShop 2023

SYMA 3D-immersive-live at EuroShop 2023

The initial presentation of our technology was already a success that amazed the many visitors to EuroShop 2023. In order to demonstrate the diverse application possibilities of 3D-immersive-live, the original exhibition hall in Düsseldorf as well as the entire SYMA product portfolio and past exhibition stands were traced in 3D. Interested visitors could move through the hall live yet virtually, take a close look at the stand modules from all angles and even get a bird’s eye view.

Conclusion: Welcome to the future

With the development of 3D-immersive-live, SYMA, in collaboration with Inside Reality, a new dimension of product presentation was achieved. The technology is already showing its potential, but is also being continuously developed. The greatest advantages are summarised here once again:

  • Immersive and detailed viewing of 3D objects and spaces from any perspective
  • Individual 3D variants of the products can be created virtually and immediately viewed live
  • Great savings potential in terms of transport, footprint and assembly time
  • Experience unbound by time and place, thanks to QR code & link sharing
Presentation of SYMA 3D-immersive-live at EuroShop 2023

Would you like to learn more about this groundbreaking technology, do you have questions or would you like to see the limitless possibilities for yourself? Contact us now and experience our products – live, immersive and in 3D.