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The SYMA BLACKBOX – the new Virtual Reality experience


Simple, elegant and almost entirely in black. SYMA’s latest trade fair innovation needs only three projectors and computers to present limitless insights and views on a manageable 25m². Any form of 3D world can thus be brought to life in the smallest of spaces and flexibly adapted to customer requirements in a matter of seconds. Large-scale construction sites are brought directly onto the exhibition grounds and elaborate products can easily be displayed virtually. Created for the first time for Swissbau, SYMA, in collaboration with Inside Reality, has designed a virtual reality trade fair experience that encourages visitors to enter and marvel without the need for glasses but with direct personal contact: the SYMA Blackbox.

What’s in the black box?

In the search for contemporary, efficient and new ways to not only present products, but also to allow them to be experienced directly at the trade fair stand without restrictions, the concept of an immersive group experience was developed. But how is it possible to go beyond the given limits in terms of size, transport possibilities, costs and time? We answer this question in this article and also show what is hiding in the black box.

facts and figures

A construction made of SYMA-MOLTO 90 is erected on a base area of 5x5m, which is darkened all around by textile sails. Through a lockable door one enters the Virtual Reality exhibition experience without disturbing the projection inside by too much light. The three walls opposite the door are white on the inside so that three projectors, which are installed on the ceiling of the box, can produce a connected image. This creates a three-dimensional effect so that even large rooms and landscapes can be viewed together. Due to the omission of classic VR glasses, the direct communication channel to the trade fair stand visitors is maintained and questions and requests can be addressed in an uncomplicated manner. A stable Internet connection also enables a seamless combination with the digital world.


Thus, the experienced products can be adjusted live and the resulting footage can also be recorded for later. For example, a kitchen manufacturer or interior designer can adapt the room or the desired kitchen directly to the customer’s wishes, flexibly change surfaces or equipment, such as a stove or dishwasher, and make the final result available online for later viewing. Using a QR code, images or videos of the new interior can be accessed directly from the black box. This link can of course also be shared immediately with friends, colleagues or on social media. Due to the 360° view, the three-dimensional effect of the spatial representation is still perceptible outside the black box.

Boundless possibilities: The target groups and areas of application

As already indicated, the possible areas of application for the new black box are numerous: making rooms come alive and presenting products flexibly. This is especially true for interior design and interior decoration, but also for construction sites or landscapes. Thus, for example, kitchen manufacturers, hotels, tour operators, architectural offices or construction companies fall into the target group of the black box. But also all products, whose presentation up to now meant high costs, transport and space expenditure, can be simply presented and individually adapted by means of this technology. The Blackbox can be used both temporarily at trade fairs and as a permanent installation in showrooms or museums.

How a small space can push even big boundaries

Regardless of whether the black box is set up for a few days at the trade fair site or acts as a fixed component of the showroom, it always offers many advantages over a conventional product presentation.

Expanding spatial boundaries

Exhibition space is limited, especially on the exhibition grounds, but also on the sales floor, and usually costs a lot of money. A 25m² room, which can easily present even large landscapes, offers limitless advantages for product presentation.

The shifting of temporal boundaries

Unfortunately, not every decision maker in every company can always find the time to go to trade shows to see the latest products for themselves. Employees who view the presentation on behalf of their company can now, for the first time, share it with their superiors or colleagues without wasting time. In addition, the 360° panoramic images created in this way are also available at a later date for more in-depth discussion or analysis. Also without any loss of time, the products presented can be adapted live to the customer’s wishes, so that the latest product is always visible. This also applies to products that have different designs depending on the trend, place or season.

Adherence to the smallest budget limits

Not only is the presentation of products costly when designs change, but the production of particularly elaborate designs or specially made demonstration models is also cost-intensive. In addition, there is sometimes a long transport and the skilled personnel for the assembly and disassembly of the installations. All this can be saved by the virtual reality trade fair experience of the Blackbox, without any loss in the quality of the product presentation. It is often even easier to represent and explain complex constructions digitally. At the same time, success can be directly measured and compared with this minimized effort, because visitors can be directly measured and counted through controlled access to the black box.

Conscious limits to environmental impact

The cost reduction in the special production of demonstration products and the often long transport, means at the same time savings in material and Co2. This makes the entire product presentation more efficient and environmentally friendly. The small space, which has a minimal, reusable material input and yet offers a great effect, is therefore not only automatically a sustainable exhibition stand due to our certified SYMA systems.

Would you like to turn your trade fair stand into a virtual reality trade fair experience?
Then you can contact us here and make an appointment for an inspection and consultation, because in our location in Kirchberg the Blackbox can currently be experienced live. We will also be happy to advise you on hybrid trade fair concepts and digital trade fair innovations – for your trade fair presence at the cutting edge.