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SYMA goes green – the certified sustainable trade fair stand

A green sea of trees as a symbol for a sustainable trade fair stand by SYMA

The outstanding and unique presentation of the company and its products is the focus of trade fairs. In order to stand out from the crowd, small architectural miracles are often performed and the most unusual exhibition stands are built. But this art is only short-lived, because after the trade fair these unique constructions are no longer used. This not only produces mountains of waste, but also ensures the increased use of lightweight, environmentally harmful disposable materials right from the start. SYMA already took a big step towards sustainability decades ago with the development of its versatile profiles. With the modern “Green Stand”, as a logical further development, the sustainable trade fair stand was certified with the eco-label. As this article shows – trade fair construction can also be sustainable!

The first step towards sustainability: SYMA profiles

Ever since the invention of the SYMA system, recycling and flexible modular use in stand construction have been the focus of the company. The modular frame systems, which have been used since the 1960s, are particularly durable and can be used again and again for a wide variety of stand constructions. The aluminium used in this process has a particularly high recycling efficiency, which means that its life cycle is completed when it is reprocessed for new products. But these profiles only form the core in the stand construction.

The “Green Stand”: the sustainable trade fair stand with the eco-label

As a pioneer in the industry, SYMA was awarded the “Uz 75 Exhibition Stand Construction” eco-label certification in 2018, the first Austrian company to do so. Since then, customers with SYMA have been able to stand out with their trade fair presentation through special sustainability and place the eco-label on their trade fair stand. To achieve this, a number of things must be considered during the planning and preparatory work, and all guidelines must be adhered to. This applies to all materials used, stand construction and final disposal.

Certified environmentally friendly materials in exhibition stand construction

All materials used in the production and exhibition must be durable, reusable, recyclable and already certified in their raw form. This applies to the floor covering just as much as to the adhesives or varnishes used. It is precisely specified what this means for the individual raw materials.

Reusable means, for example, that you must be able to use the installed walls ten more times, in your own company or in other organisations that can guarantee their continued use. Recycling efficiency must also be marked in the draft stand. For a wide range of materials, from plastics to metals or textiles, certain guidelines have to be adhered to and certificates have to be strictly controlled. For example, wood may only come from sustainable forest management and must comply with the Recycled Wood Ordinance. Generally excluded are halogenated hydrocarbons and lead. The sustainable trade fair stand is therefore already built in an environmentally friendly way in its foundations, but the interior design is also regulated by the eco-label.

All-round sustainability at SYMA: from furniture to lighting

Accordingly, for example, only LED and HQI lamps may be used for the lighting of a Green Stand. The furniture rented or used must also be sustainable, i.e. particularly durable, robust – and, if possible, reused after the trade fair. However, this also applies to refrigerators or other electronic appliances, which must comply with the highest energy efficiency class. It is also stipulated, for example, that no capsule systems are to be used for coffee machines or that refuse bins must offer several containers for separation. This ensures that the sustainable exhibition stand really does protect the environment down to the smallest detail.

Avoidance of disposable films and optimisation of transport

No half measures are taken with regard to packaging and transport. In this way, disposable films are reduced to an absolute minimum, both when packaging and when setting up an exhibition stand on site. Necessary delivery trips are optimized. For example, a team bus should be organised for the local team or CO2 compensation should be provided for longer journeys.

Green corporate management at SYMA: from soap to a major waste management concept

However, the certification with the eco-label does not only control the respective status and all relevant processes, but the entire company. In this way, SYMA became an all-round green company in 2018 with the commitment of all its employees. With the help of an external consultant, the entire waste management concept of the production was optimised and the office management has also become environmentally friendly. According to the guidelines, SYMA sources 100% green electricity, all paper used is recycled or certified, and at least half of all electronic equipment is energy efficient. So environmental protection at SYMA is not just about the sustainable trade fair stand, but goes far beyond that in the company itself, from the soap used to large printing jobs.

If you are interested in a sustainable exhibition stand from SYMA, contact us today.