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Exhibition stand of the future: The meet-hybrid Cube

SYMA meet-hybrid studio cube

The worldwide pandemic has caused a rethink in many areas and thus led to many innovations. Trade fairs suddenly could no longer take place live and had to be moved to the virtual world. Slowly, larger and larger events can now finally take place in real life. But right now, the art of progress is not to shelve the innovations of the past year, but to transport them from the digital to the real world. SYMA is moving with the times and has therefore developed the ecologically exemplary hybrid exhibition stand of the future – the new “meet-hybrid Studio Cube”.

Sustainability at the trade fair stand of the future

The pandemic has shown not only the importance of digital and hybrid alternatives, but also the damaging impact humans have on the environment. For this reason, great importance was attached to sustainability and environmentally friendly resources for the trade fair stand of the future.

Modular, reusable architecture

This environmental protection begins at the planning stage, when individual elements are deliberately designed so that they can be reused for other trade fair appearances, even if the trade fair stand has to be designed differently at the next destination. In addition to the proven and perfected system components, the qualitative furniture can also be flexibly reused. Since even the individual materials are selected for the possibility of recycling or upcycling, it is even possible to break down the exhibition stand of the future into its individual raw materials for reusability.

Recyclable materials according to eco-label

Similar to our certified “Green Stand“, only controlled raw materials that meet the standards of the eco-label will be used in the trade fair construction of the future. The individual materials used, from plastics and wood to adhesives, must therefore be durable and reusable, as well as highly recyclable and comply with clear guidelines. Halogenated hydrocarbons and lead are completely excluded from use. Thus, from the beginning, already with the tree planting, to the end, the installed wooden panel, attention is paid to environmental protection.

Well thought out logistics

But even beyond the construction of exhibition stands, the focus is on a well thought-out use of resources to protect the environment. Thus, the exhibition stand of the future will be specially packaged and delivered in the most environmentally friendly way possible. The route of the means of transport used is planned efficiently and even the people responsible for the set-up are transported collectively to the trade fair location. In this way, many thoughtful little things can make an exhibition stand sustainable as a whole.

Virtual reality in the “meet-hybrid Studio Cube

Another aspect of sustainability is to avoid long journeys from far away places. SYMA’s trade fair stand of the future, the new “meet-hybrid Studio Cube”, allows experts from all over the world to be easily connected online – just as the entire stand can be visited in the virtual world.

A digital twin of the trade fair stand

In the future, the trade fair stand will no longer just exist in real terms on site, but will also be copied exactly in a virtual version. This digital twin can do everything the real trade fair stand can do – and more! So if you have to travel a long way, you can simply log on to your computer and take a virtual stroll through the stand or even get in touch with visitors or exhibitors on site. You can get written information via chat – or use the option of an uncomplicated video call. All documents are available for immediate download in the virtual world and there are numerous options for integrating various functions, from product videos and 3D models to plant tours. The virtual world offers a multitude of immersive presentation possibilities that cannot be implemented on a real stand. Of course, this impressive virtual booth can still be visited after the “real” booth.

Hybrid exhibition stand – local advantages

The trade fair stand of the future from SYMA is a perfect digital extension for your on-site presence stand. The standard built-in technology of the “meet-hybrid Studio Cube” allows one-on-one meetings to be held with customers and partners or experts who are not present locally. A specially constructed studio offers space for live events with an interactively integrated online audience and the possibility to offer exciting specialist presentations, also internationally. However, these new technical possibilities can also be helpful for companies outside of trade fairs and can be used for a wide variety of meetings or further training. The digital twin of the real trade fair stand can also remain in place throughout the year and be available for sales activities. In this way, the hybrid exhibition stand is also integrated and recycled in the company’s everyday life in the long term.

The exhibition stand of the future is an innovative project by SYMA, in cooperation with meet-hybrid, which combines technological progress, complete flexibility and sustainability in exhibition stand construction in a hybrid exhibition stand in a class of its own.

Have we aroused your interest in taking this step into the future together with SYMA? Let our experts inform you personally about your possibilities or contact us directly via the following link. We are looking forward to your inquiry.