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The variety of SYMA exhibition stands

Exhibition hall as an example of the diversity of SYMA's exhibition stands

Every trade fair stand is special and unique – just like every single trade fair. The variety of SYMA exhibition stands offers the right solution for every company, from small prefabricated modular stands to huge, individually planned exhibition stands or showrooms. Even in challenging times like these, a complete exhibition stand can also be visited in the virtual and hybrid world with the the meet-hybrid Studio Cube. In this article, our various stand solutions are presented in detail and explained in more detail.

System stands – a core competence of SYMA

SYMA’s specially developed systems are our origin in the trade fair industry. Our easy-to-combine system components are used in trade fair stands all over the world. Although system construction is standardised, it is anything but uncreative. With our systems, a limitless variety of construction and combination possibilities can be realised. For example, a second floor or curved shapes are also possible with system stands. The great advantage of system stands, however, is that these exhibition stand systems can be rented instead of bought, provided they conform to the classic form. Thus, emphasis is placed on the reusability of materials, which contributes to a comprehensively sustainable trade fair construction.

Module stands – all the same and yet individual

Also available for rent are the classic modular stands that are a prerequisite at certain trade fairs. The organizer generally stipulates that the entire trade fair, or only certain parts of the event, must be equipped with modular stands. Depending on the needs and size of the company, it is usually possible to rent one or more stands and, if desired, combine them. Communication is usually handled by the organizer, who coordinates the entire trade fair. However, individuality and creativity is also possible here, as long as it stays within the given stand limits. Your own brand can be represented, for example, by specifically selected graphics and furniture. The advantage of this is the low cost and the inexpensive renting of the exhibition stand. Apart from graphics and print, no long lead time and planning is necessary here.

Individual stands – exhibition stands with unlimited possibilities

With individual stands, even more than with other stand solutions, it is a question of a prominent presence and a special appearance. Ideal for owner-managed SMEs who want to present themselves uniquely at large trade fairs! Here, a longer lead time is needed, starting with an intensive conversation. The brand values, company goals and of course the entire corporate identity are discussed. This ensures that the trade fair stand represents the company and the brand in the best possible way. There are almost no limits to the imagination when it comes to the design and functions of the exhibition stand. Our trade fair architects combine the dreams of our customers with the safety regulations of the event location and thus ensure a smooth trade fair appearance that will be remembered. The planning and construction of these, as well as all other exhibition stands, is carried out directly by SYMA. This is done in close consultation with all departments so that it is possible to react quickly to requests for changes at short notice. Modular parts of already existing showrooms can also be incorporated into the individual stand.

Showrooms – the constant presentation

Our showrooms offer the brand and product experience, which is available at very short notice at trade fairs, permanently at the respective company location. Here, new customers and visitors can immerse themselves in the world of the company identity and experience the products in scene. The process here is similar to the individual stands and involves the entire design world of the company. There are also no limits to the imagination here within the given framework of the place.

The hybrid exhibition stand – the latest addition to the variety of exhibition stands

Especially in challenging times, when events could only take place online for a long time, the new innovation of the hybrid exhibition stand offers a safe concept. Its three basic elements can be combined with any other exhibition stand and provide additional online access for international guests or connected experts. An exact virtual copy of the trade fair stand offers everything that the real trade fair has available on site and can also come up with many extra functions.

SYMA meet-hybrid studio cube

The company’s own studio can also be used in the showroom or at the company location for events and training courses and is thus also a long-term component of the brand presentation. Here, experts can be brought to the event online and give presentations without actually having to be present at the trade fair stand. Discussions, interviews, sales shows and many other live events can take place simultaneously in presence and online.

Due to the wide variety of exhibition stands in SYMA’s range, it may not always be easy to find the right option for your business straight away. During a detailed consultation, we can therefore discuss your goals and wishes together, step by step, and find and create the ideal exhibition stand for you according to the general conditions. Your vision – our stand construction solution.