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Security at the exhibition grounds

Security guard at the fairground

Trade fairs of all kinds always attract large streams of visitors to a limited area, where halls filled with exhibition stands, valuables, technology and personnel await visitors. Therefore, not only in times of Covid-19, security at the fairgrounds is a crucial issue that runs through the entire planning process. But who is responsible for what and what do you have to pay attention to in order to make the trade fair experience safe for visitors and exhibitors alike?

What security measures must be observed?

As a matter of principle, a wide variety of precautions must be taken as early as the planning and design stage of the trade fair stand or the layout of the trade fair site. These range from fire protection measures through the use of flame-retardant materials to the planning of escape routes and assembly points. Any hazards that may occur when many people come together must be taken into account. From theft, data protection or minor injuries to natural disasters or mass panic. It is always important to prevent major hazards and to have an emergency plan at hand for every eventuality.

Responsibilities of the security: Who takes over which tasks?

In most cases, the risk analyses are carried out by the trade fair operators and the organisers of the respective trade fair. Based on this evaluation, guidelines and regulations are issued to exhibitors, service companies, stand construction companies and other service providers. These mainly concern the number of visitors, dimensions, distances and escape routes between the individual stands, as well as basic regulations regarding smoking, animals, cars and dangerous objects. The house rules and the technical guidelines must be followed. Otherwise, it could happen, for example, that a stand is built too high or has too much roofing and the water sprinklers would not be able to extinguish sufficiently in the event of a fire.

The task of the stand construction company

SYMA accompanies the exhibiting company by providing advice and technical or conceptual translation of the trade fair safety guidelines, but above all by the final implementation of these for the desired trade fair stand. The challenge for our trade fair architect is to combine the regulations and prescribed functions with the wishes of the exhibitors. Thanks to their wealth of experience in stand design and direct cooperation with the responsible technical officers at the exhibition site, you can be sure that the stand you build will always comply with all building regulations and safety guidelines. The advisory function then lies, for example, in providing information and clarification about possible external stand monitoring or other useful services at the exhibition centre. In times of Covid-19, there are also various additional offers from SYMA for sale, which make the exhibition stand even safer from a hygienic perspective.

Fairground security in times of Covid-19

Wherever many people meet nowadays, there is not only the risk of theft or technical defects, but also the risk of spreading pathogens or viruses. However, the first trade fairs and events to be held again prove that with good preparation and elaborate hygiene concepts, carefree trade fair experiences are possible.

Rules and regulations in force

There are already overriding concepts on the part of the exhibition halls that promise visitors and exhibitors security at the exhibition grounds. In addition, the organisers of the respective trade fairs also draw up hygiene concepts which are binding for all persons during the event. Ubiquitous and crucial are the 3G regulations and the mouth-nose protection, as well as the traceability of the participants. These restrictions are strictly controlled by the organizers. The operators of the exhibition halls ensure regular intensive ventilation and cleaning. Visitors themselves are responsible for washing hands, disinfecting and keeping their distance. However, the stand construction company can also ensure the necessary distance, and above all the guidance of visitors to the stand, through clever planning.

Additional services provided by SYMA in relation to Covid-19

Apart from the implementation of the basic requirements that an exhibition stand must fulfil in times of Covid, there are a number of additional services that ensure more hygiene in stand construction. For example, SYMA offers various types of disinfectant dispensers, Plexiglas hygiene protection walls, access counters for a limited number of visitors at the exhibition stand, barrier tapes for a controlled flow of visitors or commercial dishwashers that wash particularly hot. The exhibitor himself only has to take care of the training of his staff – SYMA is happy to take care of all the other elements.

Our project managers will be happy to advise you in detail about safety and hygiene for your next individual SYMA exhibition stand.