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Stand construction by SYMA – everything from one source

Employees in exhibition stand construction at SYMA

SYMA advises, SYMA creates, SYMA designs, constructs and implements – with us, everything comes from a single source. From the first vision to the assembly on site, a stand goes through a long but interesting path through the entire manufacturing process of SYMA. This article explains why our exhibition stand construction can be designed particularly efficiently and individually thanks to this diversity of our expertise.

Everything begins with a vision

A client’s guiding vision is discussed with SYMA’s experienced exhibition architects and project managers during an initial meeting. This includes, in addition to the exhibitor’s general objective, the placement of the stand in the hall, the given direction of the flow of visitors, information about the trade fair itself and the size and characteristics of the exhibitor’s own stand. Taking into account the financial budget and time frame, the next steps are developed together. Important for the design is the corporate identity of the company, as well as its brand values. Our experts specialize in picking out the story behind the vision and packaging it into a trade show booth. Our professional experience and high cost sensitivity enable us to design creative concepts every time anew, which optimally reflect the company and its wishes.

Bringing a sketch to life

Immediately after the first meeting, the now more precise ideas and requirements are processed into initial sketches. The hand-made drawings are checked by technicians for the conditions and guidelines of the respective exhibition hall. For a better idea, the sketches are then brought to life and visualized as a 3D model using the latest technology. This means that we can present the trade fair stand of tomorrow on the screen today.

From the carpenter to the electrician – trade fair stand construction at SYMA

After consultation and approval with the respective customer, it goes into production. The approximately 35 different job profiles at SYMA ensure that there is the right in-house expert for every task in exhibition stand construction. The finely tuned cooperation and logistical efficiency due to the complete production at one location makes it possible to react professionally to innovations even at short notice.

The rough cut to the basic structure

The first thing to do is to order the raw materials. Depending on the planning and customer requirements, the guidelines of the eco-label are also taken into account for a particularly sustainable stand. Then it’s on to production, including an in-house carpentry shop where the individual components are cut and manufactured. After this section of the path, the skeleton of the exhibition stand already exists. But it still lacks the real life that gives it expression.

The invitation to enter and linger

The interior architects and designers create the right atmosphere with specifically selected or manufactured furniture. This is precisely where the opportunity exists to communicate the company’s image and colour design. The more universal the desired furnishings are, the more likely they are to be reused; the more individual, the more custom-made. The furniture produced, or already in the inventory, can be rented or purchased (especially the case of unique pieces).

The special wow effect

While furniture provides comfort and a sense of well-being, special effects help you to stand out from the crowd and shine in the exhibition hall. The department for event technology and graphics uses the latest equipment to ensure that all communication areas are used creatively. Here there are almost no limits to the imagination, because with the latest materials, the targeted use of light and the infinite possibilities of a smart world, trade fair visitors can be amazed and products can be presented in a unique way. Herein lies the true, shining finish in exhibition stand construction.

The well-rounded finish for trade fair stand construction

However, all these individual components, each indispensable in its own right, are only put together at the scene of the event. This makes precise and careful work and regular consultation all the more important. This gives the construction team on site a responsible task. The individual parts of the stand are precisely labelled and, packed together, delivered to the trade fair location. A professional set-up team is already waiting there – with a particular knack for improvisation. In the event of unplanned problems, construction work will begin several days before the start of the trade fair, depending on the possibilities and costs involved. The first thing to do is to install the ceiling light and all the electronics and pull them up together with the fascia. The floor is then laid and covered with a special protective film. Only then does the actual trade fair stand follow, which is finally ready, together with all the desired special features and extras, for the experience of the trade fair visitors.

Through all these steps and our expertise, we as a general contractor have been creating trade fair experiences for decades that inspire and linger in visitors’ minds for a long time to come. Each trade fair stand can be made individually by the complete trade fair stand construction from one source and thus represents the values of your company from the floor to the light.

We would be happy to accompany you from your first vision to the finished exhibition stand. Contact us for a personal initial consultation and we will advise you in detail about your wishes and ideas.