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A trade fair stand with scent

Visualization of exhibition stand with scent

What smells so good here? If you really want to inspire the audience at your stand with all their senses, don’t forget the nose. Scent marketing has enjoyed great popularity for some years now – no wonder, because the deliberate use of scents has a gentle but haunting effect. Smells can arouse emotions in a very short time and create the most diverse associations. Why this is so, which scents are particularly suitable for a scented trade fair stand and what you should better keep your hands off, you can read now.

Scientist developing the right scent for the trade fair stand with fragrance.

How does scent marketing work?

Smells are key emotional stimuli that work much faster than other stimuli that act on our senses. Haptic, acoustic or visual impressions always have to be processed first in the cerebral cortex of the brain, whereas smells have an immediate effect on the limbic system, where emotions are triggered. Haptic, acoustic or visual impressions always have to be processed first in the cerebral cortex of the brain, whereas smells have an immediate effect on the limbic system, where emotions are triggered. Because of this fast and reliable processing of smells, it is therefore usually the nose that unconsciously picks up the first impression when entering a room.

Child smelling a fragrant flower.

The magic of flavours

A gentle change of smell alone can have a pleasant effect in the often stuffy air of the exhibition hall and significantly increase the time visitors spend at your stand; in addition, the targeted use of strategically selected smells has a positive influence on the willingness to communicate; Fragrance concepts are therefore marketing strategies that help to communicate a specific advertising message, special product characteristics or the image of an entire brand even more quickly and to anchor it more deeply in the consciousness of the target group.

Since not many brands yet rely on targeted olfactory optimisation, an exhibition stand with a scent ensures that it stands out from the crowd of exhibitors and your brand is remembered positively as a result. But how do you find the perfect fragrance strategy for your own trade fair appearance?

Scent marketing at trade fairs: Dos and Don’ts

If you do not already have an established fragrance concept with your own corporate scent, which is used in showrooms or salesrooms, it makes sense first of all to take an in-depth look at the effect of certain scents and seek professional advice. Because every type of fragrance is different, can fulfil a certain function or, at worst, unfold the opposite of the desired effect.

For example, essential oils have an antimicrobial effect that debilitates bad odours. Nevertheless, not every one of the fragrances is appropriate on the stand. Rose aroma, for example, has a particularly sensual and relaxing effect, which is why it may be well suited for a lounge area at the trade fair, but is unsuitable in meeting rooms or in the sales area.

The nose makes the first impressions in a new environment.

Some other points to consider:

  • Location and cross-odours: Finding the right location at trade fairs is a science of its own. If you would like to use scent marketing in addition, you should pay special attention to avoiding annoying cross-smells or to include them in your concept. This can be the smell of food from the nearby buffet, the scent of the products of the stand neighbours, but also the aroma of the coffee machine at your own stand.
  • Less is more: Smells are powerful, so too much of them quickly ensures sensory overload and reverses the potential for success. They should therefore be very carefully dosed in order to achieve the desired effect, otherwise your audience may find the aroma at your stand unpleasant and overloaded. Good to know: The nose gets used to existing odours over time and therefore no longer consciously perceives them. So don’t worry if you don’t notice a scent yourself after a while – customers who come to the stand for the first time may well do so;
  • Strategy before subjectivity: Fragrance perception is subjective and linked to many factors. Therefore, do not simply rely on your own nose, but seek advice from experts in order to select the right fragrance for your objective and to use it strategically;
  • Quality is a must: Cheap scented candles or room sprays are not a good idea if you want to convince your customers’ noses. The delicate organ quickly notices the difference, which is why high-quality fragrances are worth their money – also to guarantee a pleasant trade fair experience for people with allergies or particularly sensitive senses.

Aromatic possibilities at the exhibition stand

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when it comes to the right fragrance strategy. Depending on the individual objective, different techniques can be used for the implementation:

  • Large-scale room scenting of one’s own stand environment:Through stand air-conditioning, essential oils can be atomised to improve the air quality at the exhibition stand and create a targeted atmosphere.
  • Scented staging of products: The targeted scenting of products can also be used to establish a characteristic smell and is suitable not only for products but also for give-aways and flyers.
  • Aromatisation of individual elements or areas: Processed fragrance columns, table tops made of naturally scented materials or targeted room scenting of individual stand areas: Trade fair visitors can be sent on a sensory journey in many different ways;
Gentle spraying creates emotions, memories and lasting impressions.

Conclusion: Multisensory to trade fair success

Scent marketing at the trade fair stand is a powerful tool that arouses deep emotions and can be used profitably. There is a lot to consider when planning a strategically sensible scent concept – first and foremost, you should ask yourself whether the scent on the stand is functional and contributes to the desired overall impression of the trade fair presentation.

Are you enthusiastic about a scented trade fair stand and would like to offer your customers a unique trade fair experience with all their senses? Send us a no-obligation enquiry right away, we have many years of expertise in all areas of exhibition stand design and will be happy to advise you.