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Technology in flux: Huawei at the Mobile World Congress 2024

Huawei am Mobile World Congress 2024

Every year, Barcelona plays host to the luminaries of the mobile telecommunications industry. The Mobile World Congress consistently serves as a pivotal event for the sector, offering intriguing glimpses into the future of smartphones and related technologies. In 2024, SYMA had the privilege of designing and implementing the trade fair stand for its long-standing client, Huawei – a complex endeavor that was met with great success and is a source of justifiable pride for us. All information regarding the construction, concept, and design of this exceptional project can be found in this article.

Huawei’s Trade Fair Presence in Barcelona

It was a singular moment when, at the end of February, the first attendees flowed into the Catalan exhibition centre and caught sight of Huawei’s stand. For the very first time, SYMA also had the opportunity to design the stand, transforming the telecommunications giant’s exhibition presence into a focal point and successfully conveying its philosophy to the audience.

The Huawei trade fair appearance in Barcelona 2024

For Huawei, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona is an annual centrepiece, with a focus primarily on the unveiling of product innovations and the latest developments. The Catalan capital offers an enormously important platform, as the MWC is considered Europe’s largest telecommunications industry trade fair. Over 100,000 curious individuals were also on-site in 2024, eager to gain exciting industry insights and discover brand-new innovations surrounding topics such as artificial intelligence and 5.5G.

The Stand Concept: Everything Flows

AI was the central theme of this year’s MWC – and Huawei’s motto was also “Advancing the Intelligent World”. Just as intelligent technologies connect the entire world and ensure fluid transitions between the analogue and digital, the everyday and the future, so too did Huawei’s trade fair stand embody the idea of technology in the flow of life. Flowing lines and wave-like slatted facades characterized the construction: From the lighting to the facade, and even the water fountains, everything integrated into this dynamic concept.

Flowing lines and wave-like slatted facades characterized the construction:

Within Huawei’s trade fair stand, three distinct sectors of the company were represented: Consumer, Telecommunications, and Corporate Clients. These sections had, in part, their own concepts, which seamlessly integrated into the overall design. For the Corporate Clients, the theme of “Acceleration” was paramount, whereas the Consumer section emphasized aspects of work, sports, and photography.

Structure and Details: Illuminated Centrepiece

A design feature that rendered the Huawei stand a genuine spectacle from afar and simultaneously manifested the flowing concept were the LED Bubbles, which served as the roof of the construction. The vast bubble matrix comprised 6,705 individual parts, all of which were manually installed and wired on-site. This optimally showcased the enormous size of the exhibition stand and symbolized the data movements in an intelligent world. Each bubble embodied an individual device and the interconnectedness among them.

The second major highlight was the facade.

To bestow it with a flowing character, the entire construction was built using custom-made aluminium slats, making the exhibition stand appear as though it was being enveloped by a colossal wave.

In totality, the Huawei stand in Barcelona spanned approximately 9,000 m², plus 3,500 m² on a second level, and 1,200 m² of outdoor space. The realization of this large-scale project within five weeks involved the efforts of over 300 staff members. This achievement is all the more impressive considering that the commission was awarded to SYMA only about three months prior to the commencement of the exhibition.

Conclusion: Stand Design of a Single Cast

Huawei’s trade fair stand at the MWC, with its flowing design, was not only a real feast for the eyes but also received a very warm reception from the attendees. More than 100,000 participants flowed through the construction over four days, eager to discover the product diversity of the Chinese company and gain insights into the latest developments of our client.

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