Inspiring design Design by Difer


LG Display showcased its latest OLED lighting innovations at Light + Building 2018. The "Luflex" product line offers limitless flexibility and infinite inspiration.

The thin light panels enable slim, unique designs with a flexible form factor – and provide soft, natural light with a reduced blue component, thus preventing eye fatigue. Most notably, Luflex panels can be twisted and rolled up in spirals to a 30 mm radius of curvature without compromising their functionality. With a thickness of 0.41 mm, they are in a league of their own compared to traditional light sources. They are also the ideal choice when it comes to sustainability as they contain no toxic metals and have significantly reduced electricity consumption.

Inspiring atmosphere
These OLED innovations have inspired designers, architects and other industry professionals to come up with innovative new ideas. The construction of the pavilion required a great deal of planning in order to achieve just the right atmosphere. For example, hollow double walls were designed to reduce heat loss. This allowed the temperature inside to be kept at a constant 24°C, while outside it had dropped to -7°C with 20 cm of snowfall.

The 378 m2 pavilion was built to a custom design by our partner company Difer with the use of beams up to 12 m in length, as well as waterproof outdoor materials which covered the entire structure.

The key objective was to provide the greatest possible comfort for visitors and to delight them with a presentation that would leave a lasting impression. "We had more visitors than in previous shows and are really very pleased with the pavilion," stated the Luflex manager. SYMA is already looking forward to implementing lighting design ideas based on these OLED innovations in future exhibition stands for our customers.

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