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SYMA Digital

We build digital inspiration

Start selling in a virtual environment and organise internal and external events digitally with SYMA.

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Digital sales require a tailor-made stage

Digital and virtual environments will soon become the standard when it comes to sales. These spaces allow you and your colleagues to participate simultaneously in virtual trade fairs, hold individual customer discussions, meet other industry professionals and develop solutions with suppliers. Different needs and goals require different digital tools, and we'd be delighted to advise and help you in their selection and setup. Digital sales need staging in order to create a lasting experience for your customer. With our experience, we can guide you on the path from idea through to realisation.

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The right virtual environment brings numerous advantages

An unforgettable impression on your customer

Cost savings

Wide range of contact and interaction opportunities

Professional appearance

In your virtual space you have access to all available resources. You can present products and services by means of video, 3D or 360° presentations and graphics. With the use of animations, the customer can experience your offering at first hand – and explore it interactively in detail using a variety of different tools.

You can install exhibition stands at any virtual or hybrid trade fair at the touch of a button, set up roadshows in any part of the world and allow your guests to enter your showroom at the click of a mouse. It's always the same sales environment.

With quizzes, games and other interactive tools, you can learn more about visitors to your stand at any time – not just when you have time to interact.

The latest documentation is always available in the virtual exhibition stand or showroom. All sales staff have access to the same videos, graphics, texts and publications. This enables you to present your offer in a highly professional manner.

Live experiences

The numerous different methods of digital interaction are best experienced at first hand. We would be happy to demonstrate the latest tools to inspire your customers. Discover other means of presentation, new ways to display your offer on screen as well as a range of complex solutions suitable for virtual conferences, trade fairs, staff events or training sessions. Familiarise yourself with the digital environment. We would also be delighted to give you a personal tour of our Online Centre. To do so, simply contact us,

Digital spaces – the perfect solution

Digital showroom

Present your products 24/7 in an exceptional environment and give an unlimited number of international visitors the opportunity to browse your content independently at any time of day or night.

Digital sales office

Make sure the documents in your digital sales space are always up to date. In a virtual sales pitch you can inspire your customers with videos and virtual and augmented reality content, identify their needs using collaborative tools and interactive possibilities and ultimately win them over with the fine details of your products or services.

Digital exhibition stand

Use the digital exhibition stand to network with an unlimited number of visitors at any digital trade fair and showcase your offer worldwide. Your digital exhibition stand can be presented simultaneously at all international online and hybrid trade fairs. You can customise the environment with simple modifications for each exhibition and trade fair.

Digital event centre

Provide the ideal 3D 360° or virtual environment for all types of digital and hybrid events, training courses, conferences and even celebrations. We undertake the configuration of complex events with multiple stages, networking areas, stands, meeting zones and numerous other options for virtual conferences.

Our offer





You choose between a digitised, virtual or hybrid sales environment. For the digitised environment, we need 360° photos – the shooting usually takes just a few hours. For the virtual environment, you can choose from 2D and 3D templates and use the design data from existing exhibition stands, or create a completely new environment together with our digital architects.

The tools determine the interactivity in your digital space. Many options are free of charge, e.g. attachment of supplied documents (pdf, xls, videos, etc.) Other tools such as chat rooms, streaming solutions or platforms for webinars or collaborative work are subject to annual licence fees. We train you in the selection and handling of the various digital tools and, with our many years of experience, help you to achieve the best possible presence. First impressions count – online even more than offline and the demands are constantly increasing in this new world.

We produce animations and videos as well as 360°, virtual-reality or augmented-reality content for you that you can use to impress your visitors and present even complex content in a simple manner. Content can also include documents or videos supplied by you.

Of course, all your employees will receive free training in these new sales possibilities. If you would like more in-depth support on topics such as performance in front of the camera, language, photo settings or would like to gain a better understanding of individual tools, we will be happy to bring you and your employees up to speed with the latest knowledge and experience in this area.

Any questions?

We'd be delighted to advise you on the most suitable solution for your project.

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