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One of the world’s largest model exhibitions

The Eberhard brothers are genuine pioneers, not only of the past, but of today and tomorrow, too. On the 60th anniversary of the company the EBIANUM was established, which shows off one of the Eberhard brothers’ favorite interests: construction machinery, trucks and cranes. With the world’s largest exhibition of models in this industry, the EBIANUM is impressive to see. The attraction is a hall with an area of 3300 m2. A space of 600 m2 is set aside for workshops, offices and accommodations for maintaining old-timers. The museum and exhibition space is spread out over an area of 1800 m2. A foyer with event hall above it is slated for the remaining 900 m2. The museum is divided into five sections: Remembering, understanding, informing, experiencing and discovering. During the Swiss Location Awards 2016 the EBIANUM was chosen as sixth-best event hall in Switzerland.