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Whimsical and unique trade fairs in the DACH region

skurrile messen

In the area of Germany, Austria and Switzerland there are numerous special and unique fairs. As the “trade fair world champion” and home to many leading international trade fairs, Germany in particular is a popular venue for unusual and unexpected events. In this article, we take a closer look at some of these target group-oriented events and show for which different topics trade fairs function as successful exchange platforms.

Spiritualism, card reading & Co

“I am not a believer, but I am spiritual”. A phrase that often comes to mind in the postmodern age. Believing in the supernatural but not wanting to be bound to a particular religious tradition (also known as “New Age”) is a trendy positioning.

At specialised esoteric fairs, those seeking meaning are offered a multitude of possible answers to the most diverse questions of life. In addition to a comprehensive selection of specialist literature, the interested public can also attend a whole series of topic-oriented lectures. The palette of services ranges from card reading, energy and light work to rune oracles, chakra analyses, protective amulets, palm reading, tarot consultations and much more.

Well-known esoteric fairs in DACH:

Reptiles and spiders for the household

Terraristics fairs are aimed at all friends of reptiles, amphibians and other animal species that live in terrariums. Here the exotic and majestic creatures can be admired and examined live – or even find new, responsible owners. While on the one hand many people enjoy learning more about these special species in the course of these events, on the other hand there is also discussion as to whether this form of presentation is sufficiently appropriate for the species.

Well-known terrarium fairs in DACH:

Coffee and cake with astronauts

Aerospace events are an experience that is out of the ordinary in the positive sense. At these unique trade fairs, such as ILA Berlin or Space Tech Expo, you can get up close and personal with astronauts and other pioneers of the aerospace industry.

The ILA stands for innovation in the aerospace industry and presents the latest innovations and research projects. The topics covered range from military security and climate-neutral flying to the future usability of space travel.

Well-known aerospace trade fairs in DACH:

Trade fairs for hackers and all those who want to become one

A congress of a different kind: Every year, computer freaks and IT enthusiasts gather at the Chaos Communication Camp/Congress to show off their hacker skills. The programme includes numerous expert lectures, competitions, art installations and laptop parties. The topics revolve around technology and social policy, such as cyber security, data leaks, privacy, etc.

The venue for this exceptional event is always changing. In the past, it was held in Hamburg, Berlin and Leipzig, among other places.

Next physical date: 15-19 August 2023 in Mildenberg (Brandenburg).

Lacquer, leather and bare facts

Sensuality or decadence: erotic fairs have always polarized. In addition to the promotion of a wide range of products and services, self-realization and the exercise of individual freedom are always at the forefront here.

Since many people are attracted to stylish undressing, there is a whole range of offers for potential visitors from the DACH region.

Well-known pleasure and erotic fairs in DACH:

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