The long history of SYMA at EuroShop

SYMA auf der EuroShop - ein Rückblick

In our last blog article, we already told you about EuroShop, the largest retail trade fair in Düsseldorf. Every three years since 1966, it has attracted visitors and international trade customers from all over the world. Since then, a lot has happened, both the event itself and its exhibitors and visitors:inside have evolved. This is how SYMA has grown, and over the years we have always adapted our appearance and our objectives to current measurement trends and customer needs.

The beginnings for SYMA at EuroShop

In 1972 SYMA was represented at EuroShop for the first time and since then we have never missed an event. A special appearance of the first years: In 1984 we presented our innovative way of working through large tinted glass panes. Anodized bronze and gold aluminum profiles were used to showcase our outstanding craftsmanship. Three years later, SYMA surprised at EuroShop with eye-catching design thanks to an unforgettable igloo, constructed with SYMA-MONDO. In 1993, we went high and built a two-story structure with the new SYMA-ORBIT.

The EuroShop at the turn of the millennium

Before the turn of the millennium, we adapted to the technically advanced world and showed at EuroShop 1999 our, by then already large and diversified, SYMA universe. The various profile systems were realized visually and modern. The two-story round structure was largely made of glass and was artistically combined with our system technology. In keeping with the SYMA product universe and futuristic orientation, the visuals were reminiscent of a space station.

SYMA at the EuroShop 1999

SYMA at the EuroShop in the years 2002- 2011

Also in 2002 we started with innovative novelties and gave the SYMA booth a new design with the new SYMA-MOLTO construction element. Height-adjustable, printed sail surfaces in various transparencies were used for this purpose.

Thanks to the fast-moving trade fair market, we were once again able to present many innovations in Düsseldorf three years later. Among them were our new structural beams for large-area design and the patented SYMA latch closure technology. For the first time, the topic of sustainability became relevant and we presented new materials, as well as modern facade techniques for easy handling and effective design.

The following two years we used the EuroShop to present our new product designs to the market. A classic that is still popular today was our James Bond style booth in 2008. SYMA-MOLTO 150 with a cladding of transparent sails was used for this purpose.

In 2011, we showed the size and modernity of the SYMA Group with a two-story pavilion and sprawling glass bodies. Despite an eye-catching exterior, we always attached great importance to the interior of our booth as well. It was always especially important to us to create space to feel comfortable with plenty of seating options.

Expertise in system and trade fair construction on the global market

At EuroShop 2014, the two building towers of our trade fair stand were not only a visual highlight, but also represented our two focal points, namely system and trade fair construction in the international sector. To show the wide range of design possibilities, one tower was clad with sails and the second with wood. Here, among others, the SYMA-XWALL, SYMA-TEXWALL and the SYMA-CUBIC were presented as new products.

SYMA for the EuroShop 2014

2017 – We build inspiration

On the occasion of our new corporate identity (CI), we presented the new claim “We build inspiration” three years later. At individual theme tables, we showed the new developments of our CI and also took a look back at our long history here.

SYMA at the EuroShop 2017

The last EuroShop 2020 was all about modern materials, such as glass and light. Here we presented our new solution for glass parapets and seamless shoring of glass surfaces, as well as our future-oriented SYMA-XWALL lighting with future-oriented light carpet.

SYMA at EuroShop 2020

Are you curious about which innovations, techniques and products are waiting for you at EuroShop 2023? Then stop by in person from February 26 to March 2! Day tickets or permanent tickets are available on site or online to buy. We look forward to welcoming you at the SYMA booth!