Visualization in the product presentation of the future

The development of new goods and services requires a lot of heart, creativity and time. But in order to arouse your customers’ interest in these products, the offers must also be presented in a visually appealing way. At EuroShop 2023 (February 26 to March 02 at Messe Düsseldorf), we will show you our contribution to the product presentation of the future at our booth (Hall 1/Booth A58). For those who are particularly interested in this topic, we have already summarized the most important possibilities and opportunities for the product presentation of the future in this article.

New opportunities of epochal proportions

The distribution paths of numerous companies have been subject to major changes in recent years. It is therefore not surprising that trade fairs and other events are increasingly relying on digitization and hybrid presentation. At many trade fairs, interested parties, exhibiting companies and other players can “tune in” via the Internet to experience the event live. But not directly on site, but conveniently via smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Key keynote speakers present on digital screens from all corners of the globe. Digital trade show maps and beacons direct trade show visitors to the booth of their choice and provide them with important trade show info in real time on their cell phones. All this saves important resources such as costs or time and significantly increases efficiency. While these options are already a reality, technologies like VR and AR offer untapped potential for the product presentation of the future.

3D kitchen in the product presentation of the future

VR, AR & Co: The product presentation techniques of the future

Virtual showrooms or augmented reality – vocabulary that sounds like science fiction, but has not been fiction for some time. Here we briefly present what these new “realities” in product presentation are all about:

3D presentation:

3D as a concept is no longer an unknown factor, cinemas have already made it commonplace for us. In the world of product presentation, three-dimensional visualizations are familiar, for example, from kitchen manufacturers who use them to transport their customers into the individualized world of their future furniture. In this way, products that are too large to display or too individual for final production can be easily displayed digitally and viewed from all angles. Not science fiction, but still vivid and effective.

Virtual Reality (VR):

Virtual reality refers to the complete simulation of an existing environment. The person experiencing the experience is completely immersed in the virtual event, usually through the use of “VR glasses”, or headphones and headset, which completely cover the eyes. The real environment is thus completely blanked out. This allows the person experiencing products and services to get up close and personal and true to reality – or deliberately fictional. Special setups, such as those used with the SYMA BLACKBOX, enable a comparable experience even without the use of glasses, allowing customer conversations face-to-face.

Augmented Reality (AR):

Unlike VR, a user in AR is not completely encompassed by a virtual world. She or he still perceives the real environment, while certain virtual elements “extend” this environment. For example, for apps that revise live selfies with makeup or set a suitable package size completely without wasting resources. In this way, products that offer many different customization options can be easily and clearly presented to your customers.

The SYMA Blackbox as product presentation of the future

Due to our desire for fresh approaches and a sustainable focus, our Expert:innen have combined different technologies and developed a new, special way of product presentation for trade fair appearances. We would like to showcase these for the first time at EuroShop 2023 in Düsseldorf – and you can follow along via Instagram be there live! If you are unable to attend the, soon to be announced, unveiling, you can read all about it in detail in a blog article about the innovative concept later. Until then we will keep you up to date on our exclusive EuroShop page.