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Ceiling design on the exhibition stand – a look upwards

SYMA Messestand auf der EuroShop als glänzendes Beispiel für unterschiedliches Deckendesign am Messestand

Have you ever put your head down in an exhibition hall? The likelihood is high that looking up at the sky reveals not only the distant hall ceiling but also an unattractive mess of ventilation pipes, cables, neon lights and other elements that are technically necessary but visually unappealing.

And this despite the fact that the top section of a stand in particular offers immense potential to round off the overall design – and a well thought-out ceiling solution is both attractive and practical. In this article, we look at the possibilities offered by ceiling design on the exhibition stand, what needs to be considered and what best practice examples for a successful ceiling can look like. So let’s take a look up together.

SYMA SKY as the ideal product for a successful ceiling design on the exhibition stand

The ceiling on the stand: possibilities, materials, added value

When thinking about stand design, the design of the ceiling is often not the top priority. This is an opportunity to set your brand apart from the competition in terms of stand space and to attract visitors’ attention from afar with an eye-catching ceiling design. The possibilities for the design of the exhibition stand ceiling are as versatile as the materials that can be used. Here are some examples:

  • Raised ceiling: This ceiling variant is either mounted on the back wall of the exhibition stand and raised at the front on the open edges, or stands as a free construction in the room. Lighting elements can be attached to the beams or banners can be stretched to support the branding and get your message out there and visible from afar.
  • Suspended ceiling: The name gives it away – this exhibition stand ceiling is attached to the hall ceiling itself and hangs like a canopy over your exhibition stand. The height is only limited by technical specifications (hall guidelines), even if your stand design includes several storeys or you want to work with eye-catching suspended objects. The side walls of the construction can also be fitted with printed banners all around and used as a basis for the exhibition stand lighting.
  • Ceiling sails: Shielding an exhibition stand upwards can be difficult for fire protection reasons – but it doesn’t have to be. Because with the right material, a secure atmosphere can be created in the middle of any exhibition hall, no matter how huge, without obstructing the sprinkler system in an emergency. Mesh materials that are permeable enough for extinguishing water, but at the same time dense enough to create spaciousness, can be stretched between a suspended or elevated ceiling in the form of ceiling sails and raise the counselling atmosphere to a new level.
  • ceiling hangers: Visible from afar and with a clear recognition value, ceiling hangers not only offer visitors orientation in the large hall, but above all guarantee that your stand will always be easy to find. With their excellent long-distance impact and the ability to brand the elements as desired, ceiling pendants are an excellent option for top-level design. In addition, all options are open to you when it comes to shaping the elements: whether square, round or in more abstract figures.
Sustainable ceiling design on the exhibition stand with hanging plants

Best Practice: SYMA-SKY at EuroShop 2023

A vivid example of a successful trade fair stand design including an intelligent ceiling solution was the stand that SYMA was allowed to present at EuroShop 2023. The multifunctional SYMA-SKY ceiling truss system was used here, which not only made the stand visible from afar, but also guaranteed complete autonomy from the spatial conditions on site thanks to the well thought-out concept, as the construction was not dependent on the hall ceiling. The compact double-storey exhibition stand was given a pleasant spatiality by the stretched ceiling sail and also impressed the visitors in particular with three colourfully illuminated cube frames flying in the air, which acted as a symbol for SYMA’s target groups.

Young woman examining smart ceiling design at the trade fair stand

Conclusion: Intelligent ceiling solutions are more than just design

The design of the ceiling is a crucial part of the trade fair stand design. Clever design allows power cables and wiring to be cleverly concealed and lighting strategically placed. In addition, elements such as eye-catching ceiling hangers and clear branding guarantee excellent long-distance visibility in the exhibition hall, and ceiling sails that delimit the stand upwards create more of a sense of space on the stand and thus a more pleasant ambience without violating fire safety regulations.

Have you already thought about the ceiling of your exhibition stand and would like an expert opinion? As a stand builder with many years of experience in the international trade fair industry, SYMA is happy to assist you and help raise your stand to the highest level. Nehmen Sie gleich Kontakt mit uns auf.