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Graphics and illuminated walls at the trade fair stand: The 4 most important rules

Electrolux illuminated graphics SYMA

Pictures say more than a thousand words – an all too familiar truism, especially in advertising. Alternative Übersetzungen auf anzeigen This post, however, will be less about the “why” and more about the “how.” Below you will find 4 rules on what to look for when implementing graphics and illuminated walls at the exhibition stand.

Rule 1: Use graphics that catch the eye

Graphics on the exhibition stand have the advantage of being manageable in terms of cost compared to other stand elements. However, the attraction and impact of graphics are immense. The basic requirement is that every graphic has an optimal resolution and sends a clearly recognizable message. Eye-catching graphics in conjunction with accentuated and appropriate stand lighting are an indispensable part of good stand design. You can read about other ways to turn your trade fair stand into an eye-catcher in the article “Tips for an eye-catching trade fair stand“.

Rule 2: Make sure that the graphics are clearly visible from all positions.

Also very important: the graphics used should be easy to see and read from near and far. We at SYMA have noticed at trade fairs that exhibiting companies disregard this point time and again. Often, designs are too small in size, making their elements and messages difficult or impossible to see from a distance. Also a common mistake – when graphics on the stand are very large and they are crammed with information. The intention behind this is understandable, but it has the opposite effect: guests are inundated with a flood of information. Our tip: It’s better to go for large-scale designs. In this way they guide the visitors from far away to the stand. Once they are there, they can still quench their thirst for knowledge at the various sources of information: from the stand staff, through brochures, flyers and leaflets, on info walls etc. Good design and targeted messages simply need space “to breathe” and don’t like to be crammed in.

Rule 3: Attract the attention of guests by means of illuminated walls

Illuminated walls have become an integral part of the effective advertising measures used at trade fair stands. In itself, they are graphics that appear very futuristic, spherical and also “spacey” due to the backlighting by means of luminous LED light. What applies to the design of conventional printed graphics can also be applied to that of illuminated walls. Rules of thumb: Better to use large designs than small ones; ensure sufficient contrast difference between foreground elements (such as text and icons) and background; use only excellent image quality. As far as the choice of colours is concerned, it can also be said here: white looks very clean and tidy, but can also be perceived as somewhat cold. Blue is the typical business colour. Learn more about the influence and impact of color in our blog post on choosing color for your booth.

Rule 4: Always integrate graphics and illuminated walls at the trade fair stand into the overall concept.

Keyword “Corporate Design”: This is understood to mean the similar presentation of all products and services of a company as part of the corporate identity. It is therefore essential to pay attention to the coherent design of the graphics and illuminated walls used on the exhibition stand. In general, these must fit perfectly into the corporate design of the company, and in particular into the overall image of the trade fair stand. This is best achieved when the exhibition stand is not assembled from random elements, but is designed and implemented by an experienced team of exhibition stand architects and technicians.

The SYMA team knows what is important when using graphics and illuminated walls at the trade fair stand. It will be happy to advise and guide you in choosing the right images and explain all the common as well as fancy options for backlit walls or graphics. Contact us in a simple and uncomplicated way! . With a lot of verve SYMA helps your company to a precision landing at the fair.