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Tips for an eye-catching trade fair stand

Primetals Technologies booth at METEC 2019 by SYMA

Countless exhibition stands, large halls, a flow of people – those who visit the stands and those who want to sell their products and services: the picture of a typical trade fair. But how can you stand out from the crowd in this flood of information? How do you manage to be remembered in a positive way? In this article we show 5 important aspects to consider for an eye-catching exhibition stand.


People love a good story. Packaged prettily and combined with a charge of emotion, information can be absorbed and processed far better. An exhibition stand can also tell a story and showcase its products to advantage. What are the brand’s special USPs and what is the story behind them? Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity and conception to pick people up, inspire them and stay in their memories.

More information coming soon in our upcoming blog series on storytelling at the booth.

Outstanding design

The trade fair stand is not only the stage for the presentation of products, it is also the figurehead of the entire company. To stand out from the crowd, an eye-catching design is a given. However, large suspended elements with long-distance effect are only the tip of the iceberg here. Just like stories, colors and scents provide quick connections to emotions. Used in a targeted manner, they can create cosiness or relaxation, awaken long-forgotten memories and positively associate them with the brand presented. When designing an eye-catching exhibition stand, however, you should not only think about the walls and ceiling.

Individual lighting

Light is always something magical and has a similar ability to inspire people as stories. An impressive effect can be achieved with just a few creative ideas. From a few spotlights or LEDs in your corporate colours, to impressive backlit graphics, to an elaborate lighting concept, an exhibition stand can be made to shine in a variety of ways.

Creatively designed exhibition floor

Often neglected, however, it forms the basis of an eye-catching trade fair stand: the trade fair floor. Here too, there is no limit to the imagination and a unique floor can be designed. If it is not PVC but a sustainable covering, the environmental friendliness also contributes positively to the image of the trade fair stand.

Natural elements and sustainability

Between the elaborate technology, the many banners and people, a green plant rises into the air. Enriching the trade fair stand with natural elements has various positive effects. It creates attention, positions the company as environmentally friendly and brings variety to the eye of the (stand) viewer. However, it should not be forgotten that the entire trade fair presentation is completely sustainable. If it becomes apparent that many elements are disposed of on the compost heap during the dismantling of the trade fair, the image could be damaged. To counteract this, for example, all the plants could be raffled off among the visitors on the final day of the fair. We are also happy to plan your exhibition stand in a holistically sustainable manner, thereby additionally awarding it the Austrian Ecolabel.

Precise briefing for stand staff

Even if it sounds banal, the trade fair presence stands and falls with the employees at the stand. Does the team know what your company’s core messages are? What should motivate a visitor to stop at your booth before looking at other competitors? A motivated team, with a matching, uniform outfit, is the “warm welcome” for the trade fair visitors. Therefore, a detailed, early, positive and as detailed as possible briefing of your employees is a basic requirement for a successful trade fair appearance.

Unique giveaways

Back in the office, a trade fair visitor empties out his bags with the souvenirs from the day at the fair: Oh, what’s that among the pens and sweets? Your giveaway! Creativity and perhaps professional advice is needed here to transport your brand message optimally and charmingly into the giveaway clutter. We tell about new and unique giveaways in this article.

Further actions for an eye-catching exhibition stand

Whether with stories, colours, scents, outstanding staff or a unique giveaway: the decisive factor is to attract the attention of visitors and keep interested people at the stand for as long as possible. You want to be remembered and present your product, your service. Be exciting, interesting and think “out of the box” even with actions.

For example, how about a 10-minute presentation on an industry-relevant topic by an experienced keynote speaker directly at the trade fair stand. Charmingly threaded, a dozen conversation opportunities will arise from this “pop-up talk.”
Another idea is an appealing raffle. If visitors stop, wonder what’s going on, and get into a brief interaction with your team, that’s a win for you. For example, participation could be in exchange for the prospect’s business card – already you have a good number of contacts to bring back to your sales team.

So you don’t always need a particularly high budget for an eye-catching trade fair stand that stands out from the crowd. Creativity and targeted planning can often achieve more than oversized appearances. We would be happy to advise you personally in detail about further exciting ideas, support you in planning and organisation or start immediately with the design of your individual and eye-catching exhibition stand for the next event.