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Trade fair catering: How to spoil trade fair stand visitors

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According to studies, eating meals together with children promotes their social development enormously. And it’s obvious: after all, eating and drinking is one of the most enjoyable activities, which is even more fun in the company of others. This may also be due to the fact that it is even better and more relaxed to chat when you can eat delicacies collectively. For these reasons alone, exhibiting companies should think about offering their guests a culinary experience. In the best case, successful trade fair marketing should appeal to all the senses. Therefore, it is worthwhile to commission professional trade fair catering in order to enchant the hungry and thirsty trade fair visitors in the best possible way. In this article you will learn which aspects should be considered for this, so that the good taste of your company will be remembered.

Why professional trade fair catering pays off

Of course, especially for smaller events, there is no reason why employees and their families should not prepare their own meals for the upcoming event. Many hands make quick work of the job – and this also saves costs. Do you just want to spoil the fair visitors with small snacks? Go ahead! But if the offer is to go beyond the basics, especially for larger trade fair appearances, an exhibitor cannot do without a professional catering service. Behind their work is also much more effort than one might think at first glance: From the logistics of the goods and the necessary equipment, to the correct preparation of the food and drinks by experienced cooks, to the loving care of the guests by trained staff. The time saved can then be used by your employees for the acquisition of the well-saturated customers.

What trade fair catering can offer: Delicious options for your stand

  • Preparing and serving food and beverages: The catering company cooks and serves the desired meals and drinks, so that you as an exhibitor can sit back comfortably and concentrate on your product and performance show. It does not always have to be gourmet magic, but can also be kept simple and plain. Depending on the product and the target group to be addressed with the ambience. It is important that at least the basics, drinks and snacks, are always available!
  • Decoration of food and tables: The decoration should match the delicacies on offer. It is therefore also a fixed part of the service portfolio of trade fair catering companies to design the tables, bars and other catering elements with flower arrangements, colour ribbons in accordance with the CI, etc.
  • Equipment and utensils: Many trade fair catering companies also provide you with all the basic equipment you need to cater for your guests: crockery, cutlery and napkins; tablecloths; coffee machines; fridges and freezers; wine and spirits racks, etc.
  • Cocktail bar: A real eye-catcher at the trade fair stand is your own cocktail bar, perhaps even with an offer adapted to your corporate values. A trained barkeeper or barkeeper’s cool mixing skills can also liven up the stand – and contribute to a relaxed atmosphere for conversation. Please also read our tips for an unusual trade fair stand.
  • Counter: Having enough to drink at a trade fair is possibly even more important than the food. Therefore, always think about a bar table, which – well placed and visible – can play its charm as a real visitor magnet. We also offer our customers the option of setting up custom-made mobile bar tables, the front design of which you can have designed entirely according to your special wishes.
  • Barista: Few people can resist coffee – and the bright offer beckons with a seductive aroma. So a good idea is to set up an impressive coffee machine, operated by a savvy barista in a traditional look with an apron – and perhaps an Italian accent. After the short pit stop, the visitor leaves the stand again satisfied – in a good mood and with your flyer in his or her hands.
  • Live cooking: Another inspiring idea is to bring a show chef to the stand. Like a bartender, she or he is sure to be a guaranteed eye-catcher as visitors:inside watch the pans fly. Depending on whether only local dishes, sustainable ingredients or accessories made from innovative materials are on the menu, this also gives you the opportunity to practically advertise your values and ideas. Alternative Übersetzungen auf anzeigen

Got a taste for it?

Make strategic use of one of man’s favourite pastimes at your trade fair presentation. And always remember the social dimension of these actions: Eating and drinking connects! Choose a well-briefed catering company for this responsible task, which convinces with qualitatively prepared food by professional cooking staff and great service by specially trained waiters. Would you also like to know which delicacies are best suited to your specific trade fair presentation? Do you have any further questions about the holistic and innovative presentation of your brand at the trade fair stand? Our team of experienced experts is looking forward to your non-binding inquiry.