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Technical elements for the trade fair stand: 9 things to get excited about

Technikelemente am Messestand

It is impossible to imagine a trade fair stand without technology, from simple screens for presentation to hybrid elements that bring trade fair visitors from afar right into the action. Technology provides the foundation, but also the tools to stand out from the crowd. It is a sales magnet and practical support at the same time. In this article we will show you how your company and your customers can benefit from modern technology.

1. technical element for the exhibition stand: multimedia

The right interaction of different modern media makes a strong impression on the trade fair customers. Perfectly combined, images, sounds, texts, scents and other elements can play a memorable symphony for the trade fair participants. One that inspires, captivates and informs at the same time. But nowadays, communication and the presentation of content must not only be multimedia-based, but also take place on several channels at the same time. Anyone who turns smartphones into interaction points, uses social media live and brings potential customers from the online world to the trade fair stand has understood modern marketing.

Hybrid elements

Thanks to hybrid interaction spaces, you can bring people from all corners of the world to the trade fair stand. It is conceivable that experts and decision-makers can be connected virtually, and that plant tours and product shows, presentations and panel discussions can be held. The advantages: Trade fair visitors receive a wide range of offers at the stand. And those who are digitally connected save the time and expense of a long commute. Two exhibition systems from our range that offer you these and other technical possibilities are the meet-hybrid Cube and the SYMA BLACKBOX.

2nd technical element: video walls

Whether at trade fairs, public fairs or commercial fairs: Video walls have long since become indispensable technical elements at trade fair events. They are absolute eye-catchers and the content medium video will become more and more important in the coming years. That’s not a platitude, it’s not surprising that videos bring content so close to life. So, if you want an appealing trade show booth, be sure to consider video walls as well. Those who want to make this medium even more futuristic can take their cue from materials of the future and turn glass surfaces into canvases or, thanks to “OLED”, transform screens into any shape imaginable.

3rd technical element: light, illuminated walls & graphics

“OLED” is also the keyword for another technology element that no trade fair stand should be without: suitable light sources. With the right trade fair stand lighting, products, advertising spaces, special room areas, but also the overall appearance of the trade fair stand can be staged and thus visually decorated. Another opportunity is the use of graphics and illuminated walls. They make it easier for potential customers to receive information. Advertising messages, product details and other important information can be attractively presented on a light wall.

4. Technikelement: Virtual Reality, Hologramme und Gamification

Virtual Reality (VR) can be used both at the booth and at home. Thanks to VR, visitors can participate in the trade fair event from home and thus save travel time and costs. That being said, the VR experience itself is an absolute novelty for most people, which piques their curiosity. Holograms are also a great opportunity to present products in an attractive and futuristic way. On the positive side, this 3D display method does not require 3D glasses – which are annoying for many people. Technological progress also brings many innovations in the field of gamification. Due to their entertaining nature, games are extremely effective interaction elements at the trade fair stand, which can significantly increase the time spent at the stand. Gamification can be combined particularly well with virtual reality. Let the trade fair visitors immerse themselves in an imaginary-physical world and thereby strengthen your brand experience.

5th technical element: sound effects

Acoustic interludes via loudspeakers can also create quite a wow effect among trade fair guests. Used with feeling and care, they form a very special part of the trade fair marketing concept. Tip: If you want to play well-known music, you need a permit from GEMA beforehand to avoid problems. Therefore, nature sounds such as the sound of the sea, waterfalls or drizzle are great for relaxation and can strengthen the image of a brand immensely.

6. Technikelement: Audio-Guide & Podcasts

Hearing can not only be stimulated in the sense of image building and attention enhancement, but can also be used in a very practical way. Increasingly, trade fair organisers are providing their guests with audio guides. Company-specific information has been integrated in advance by the individual exhibitors to attract visitors to the stand. A short company presentation, an interview, or even podcasts. The latter medium can also be used directly at the exhibition stand, as well as in the digital existing version for information and presentation. By means of a specific QR, (live) translations can also be made possible.

7th technology element: QR codes

QR codes (Quick Response Codes) can be used in many ways at trade fairs. They are particularly impressive in that they bundle a large amount of information and make it quickly accessible. Many exhibitors often face the problem of not having enough presentation space or stand personnel. With a QR code, you can easily get around this difficulty. Concrete suggestions for content that you can present well using QR codes: Business cards, product details, animated product presentations, testimonials, contact forms, downloads of various documents such as case studies, user reports or as a use of various call-to-action buttons.

8. technique element: scent elements

An exhibition stand with scent is certainly something that few exhibitors have on their radar in terms of technical elements. However, this form of sensory marketing is particularly effective. For example, you can surround certain products with scents or enrich individual areas at the stand with aromas. Or you can aromatise the entire air at and/or around the trade fair stand. But caution is advised here. A fragrance concept must fit smoothly into the overall stand concept, which is why extensive planning with a trade fair expert is necessary.

9. technical element: techniques for measuring success

As explained at the beginning, technology at the trade fair stand can not only ensure increased attention or increase the coolness factor of your trade fair stand, but can also run in the background and facilitate the practice. Effective trade fair controlling requires technical tools that measure and evaluate the most important key performance indicators (KPIs). This saves you a large part of the time-consuming manual work. Various useful programs are already available on the market for this purpose.

We at SYMA, as a renowned international trade fair construction service provider, do everything for your perfect trade fair stand, so that you can concentrate completely on your trade fair presentation. Our exhibition stand architects and technicians, lighting and sound experts and all other specialists look forward to making your trade fair presentation a true trade fair experience. The use of technical elements at the exhibition stand always needs good planning in order to avoid possible mistakes in the stand construction. Together with you we will set up the right concept. Please feel free to contact us via the contact form. We’ll get back to you shortly.