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Interaction elements at trade fairs: 5 tips on how to turn visitors into participants

Interaktionselemente am Messestand

The technical and architectural possibilities of our time are almost unlimited. Progress in recent years has opened up groundbreaking opportunities for us to connect with people in a variety of ways. This must also be used profitably at the trade fair stand. In this article we will show you how interaction elements at trade fairs can turn a normal trade fair visit into an unforgettable experience.

1st tip: profit from interactive trade fair concepts

Traditional trade fair stands naturally serve their purpose at many trade fairs. However, the simple presentation does not necessarily exclude interaction elements. A counter, active stand personnel, or perhaps a wheel of fortune for the raffle is easy to implement. But if you want to take things up a notch in terms of exhibition stand architecture, there are specially designed solutions for you. For example, SYMA’s interactive stand concepts: the SYMA meet-hybrid Studio Cube and the SYMA BLACKBOX. With these two innovative trade fair stand solutions, you can even virtually transform your guests into active participants of your stand!

Tip 2: Use beacons to interact with your offer

Beacons provide trade fair visitors with tailored information about the trade fair directly on their smartphones. This is an interaction element initiated by the organizer. The beacons are enabled via Bluetooth function using a mobile phone app. One of the main features of beacons, for example, is the facilitated navigation through the exhibition hall. In addition, detailed information about the individual exhibitors, extensive product details or even bargains and competitions can be sent to a trade fair visitor’s telephone. Vouchers for promotions (e.g. food promotions) and competitions can be used particularly well when there are breaks in presentations. Beacons make it possible to provide guests with time and location-related push information directly on their extended arm: For example, a pop-up reminder that this or that product presentation will soon be starting nearby.

Tip 3: Let the charm play with gamification

Bread and games keep visitors:inside happy and bring you together with people. This is not a platitude, but the plain truth. They are just fun and create a relaxed atmosphere. The perfect breeding ground for successful contact initiation! Some ideas: Game consoles, foosball tables, photo booths, guessing games, wheels of fortune, raffles, games of skill, raffles. Offline games are the classic par excellence, but for a modern trade fair presence it is also worth thinking digitally and extending the games into virtual reality – for example, an Instagram photo competition with a specific hashtag under which photos of yourself at the trade fair stand are to be published or a virtual exploration of your plant in which points can be collected. Games that are to be played collectively also work well. These act as an automatic visitor magnet as they usually take up a lot of space. This shows the other trade fair visitors: There’s something going on here!

Tip 4: Let the charm of the bar table play its part

Humans are social people. They especially like to talk to each other while they eat and drink. A bar table satisfies precisely this need to get together and consume together. An element of interaction at trade fairs that brings tired minds back to life after complex conversations and many hours on their feet! While experienced employees with the necessary product knowledge should be entrusted with the technical customer contact, sociable specialists are needed at the entrance and at the bar. With open-heartedness and charm so many fair visitors are attracted. Read more about this in the article Stand personnel at the trade fair stand.

Tip 5: Tell the whole story

In the future, it will continue to become increasingly important to turn a visit to the trade fair into an event. An event in which “interaction” is not to be understood in the old-fashioned sense of “talking and touching”, but is instead a multi-sensory firework display. Technical aspects such as design, light, scent, graphics, colour, furniture must be thought through and implemented holistically together with the stand personnel. Tell a story. The visitors want to be taken on an adventure trip!

Do you recognise how important it is to get up close and personal with trade fair visitors, to actively involve them with all their senses? In this post, we’ll try to give you a sense of what purpose interaction elements serve at trade shows. Want to talk to an exhibition stand expert in person? Do you have an idea and need support for the implementation? Simply write to us without obligation and we will get back to you shortly.