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10 x home advantage: About the advantages of in-house exhibitions

Small house in hands as an example of the advantages of in-house exhibitions

For large trade fairs and spectacular events, the last two years represented an uncertain planning basis. But it is precisely in difficult times that particularly creative solutions often emerge. SYMA already offers a good option with its unique “SYMA meet hybrid Studio Cube, in order to be able to offer trade fairs with a special flair also digitally or hybrid. Alternative Übersetzungen auf anzeigen But another, more classic solution is practically right on the doorstep: The good tried and tested in-house exhibition. In this article we show you the 10 most important advantages of in-house exhibitions, which of course also apply outside of pandemic times.

How do you define the term “in-house exhibition”?

In-house trade fairs, also called in-house exhibitions or micro trade fairs, are trade fairs that take place directly and live at your company location. Whether for the acquisition of new customers or business partners, for the introduction of a new product or for image building – in-house exhibitions can be adapted to the specific situation and individually for your project. Both small and large companies benefit from their specific advantages and strengths.

The many advantages of in-house exhibitions

1. time flexibility and independence

Sometimes it can be annoying if the products should actually be advertised or presented exactly when no external trade fair is taking place. With an in-house exhibition, you are independent of the trade fair calendar and can also schedule the event in the off-season. Time flexibility also exists in the duration of the event. For example, an in-house exhibition can take place on just one day or last up to a whole week. The latter offers plenty of time for a targeted dispersal of visitor flows, which is not only useful in times of pandemic, but also opens up the possibility for individual customer meetings.

2. local reach through attraction value

In principle, one is also flexible in the selection of the event location, but the company location offers further advantages in the case of an in-house exhibition. Even in small or rather remote towns, the company benefits from a local trade fair. This is then considered a special attraction, which leads to mentions in local media and more interested walk-in customers. Offering advertising and sponsorship opportunities to other local businesses creates a give-and-take that benefits both the company itself and the region as a whole.

3. promotion of the region

The trade fair catering, for example, supplied by the local bakery, supports surrounding businesses and offers the in-house trade fair guests high-quality, regional catering. Local attractions can also be used to build customer loyalty or deepen business relationships. An elegant dinner table at the local pub, a sightseeing tour through the small town or a special activity of the region will be remembered, contribute to the image building and at the same time promote the local economy.

4. presentation of the company location

The company building itself also becomes an attraction at an in-house exhibition. An exclusive look behind the scenes with the unique opportunity to take factory tours presents a side of the company that is otherwise difficult to convey to customers and interested parties. This can help to sharpen the brand profile and gives the host the rare chance to let the guest experience production processes or procedures up close, in order to highlight their own strengths.

5. expert knowledge from within the company

Another advantage of the location is that all specialist personnel are already on site. Experts are available on demand in a few minutes directly in the customer meeting and also employees, who otherwise have little external effect, get their presentation platform. All personnel resources are immediately and unlimitedly available here, for the organization, the consultation, the sales and all further facets of the enterprise presentation.

6. comprehensive cost reductions

Even the use of local, in-house experts leads to a significant reduction in costs, as you save on personnel, travel and accommodation costs for your own staff. However, not only people are spared long journeys, but also the products do not have to be transported expensively, which in turn significantly reduces logistics and transport costs. Probably the largest cost item at regular trade fairs, however, is stand rental at the trade fair grounds – an aspect that is also completely saved at in-house trade fairs that only fill the company’s own premises.

7. higher sales opportunities due to lack of competition

At the same time as reducing costs, there is also an increase in sales opportunities, which contributes to an optimal profit margin. At regular trade fairs, the direct neighbour at the stand next door is potentially the biggest competitor, because at trade fairs many different companies from the same sector always come together and compete for customer contacts and deals. At an in-house exhibition, it is easier for visitors to focus exclusively on one’s own offer and the target group can thus be much better convinced of one’s own strengths – and brought to conversion.

8. targeted invitation management

On the other hand, it can also happen at large, cross-thematic trade fairs that one’s own target group is not represented at all because one offers solutions for a specialized niche. The advantage of in-house trade fairs here is that you can choose exactly and individually who is invited to the local trade fair. This means that mainly those interested parties come to the event who can actually potentially become buyers, which also reduces the effort for the sales team per deal.

9. tailor-made programme

This possible individuality is also reflected in the choice of programme for the supporting programme of the in-house exhibition. Whether in-depth specialist lectures or a fun children’s bouncy castle, interesting workshops on a new product, a dynamic cinema screen or many small coffee tables for decentralised exchange – all services are tailored precisely to your company and your product, leaving nothing to chance.

10. individual conception by SYMA

The design of SYMA is just as individual as your program planning and customer invitation. We plan and design your in-house exhibition optimally, efficiently and uniquely with the available resources. Whether large or small, winding office or sprawling production hall, cozy shop or cool-feeling factory site: We transform your company location with ease and creativity into a large exhibition stand with guaranteed WOW effect!

We will be happy to advise you personally in detail about all the advantages of in-house trade fairs, support you with planning and organisation or start immediately with the design of your individual trade fair stand for the next event. Alternative Übersetzungen auf anzeigen