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Exhibition stand furniture: What furniture a successful stand needs

Exhibition stand furniture SYMA

Exhibition stand furniture is an important aspect of the design and functionality of any exhibition stand. Below you will find out which exhibition stand furniture is of great use and what purpose it serves. In addition, we also explain in our new blog article when it makes more sense to buy the furniture or just rent it.

The most important exhibition stand furniture

Which furniture ultimately beautifies your booth and makes it more functional depends on answering a whole series of questions. For example, what kind of trade show do you go to? How is the competition likely to present itself? How much time do you need to present your services/products to a new contact? How many people will be in charge of the stand, i.e. how many staff resources do you have? To help you make the right choice, we present the most important forms of trade fair furniture and describe the purposes for which each can be used.

  • Counter: The stand counter is an all-rounder and is an essential part of any trade fair presentation. It is the central contact point where exhibitors and potential customers meet for the first time: Similar to the reception in a hotel, where the expectant guests are welcomed by the friendly hotel staff and informed about all the possibilities and “delicacies”. In addition, counters also function as a storage area for brochures, advertising material or for setting down a refreshing drink.
  • Seating:Visitors should always feel comfortable. And that’s even when conversations – which can sometimes be very demanding and detail-oriented – drag on. Adapted to the overall concept and depending on the desired length of stay of the stand visitors, there should be an area with bar stools (e.g. at the counter), a seating area with classic lounge chairs or beanbags. In this way, guests can be offered a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in which they can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the trade fair.
  • Showcases, display cases, shelves: Product presentation requires storage and presentation possibilities, which are classically created by means of showcases, shelves or display cases. In the case of particularly valuable exhibits, such as designer pieces, individually designed showcases are also available, for example with individual design or extravagant lighting.
  • Partition walls: Whether as a classic information board, a fancy visitor magnet or simply as a room divider – with their universal application possibilities, partition walls are the reliable “Swiss army knife” on the trade fair floor.
  • Bar tables: Certainly not suitable for every branding strategy, a bar table rounds off the trade fair presentation. It is practical and makes the dry atmosphere that prevails at some trade fairs a lot fresher.
  • Attention magnet:The trump up your sleeve in any case is an unusual exhibition stand that combines the existing possibilities and adds something new. After all, the aim is to attract as many visitors as possible to your company. A Green Wall or other greening techniques can also be used as part of the furniture at the stand. Skilfully combined and used, such elements can turn your stand into a real eye-catcher.

Rent furniture or buy furnishings?

If a company is only present at trade fairs on an irregular or infrequent basis, it may make less sense to purchase all the furniture yourself. The right decision here depends on the following points, among others: How often should the stand design and the associated furniture change? Do you always want to have your finger on the pulse? Do you have the ability to store and maintain the items you purchase? Are there any sensible uses for the furniture outside of trade fairs?
These issues do not only concern the level of direct costs, but are also linked to the aspect of sustainability. Because if furniture and other stand equipment are purchased at great expense and then disposed of again after only a few uses, strategic rental appears to be both more economical and more ecological.

Regardless of whether you want your trade fair stand furniture to be simple, classic, hip or fancy: SYMA will be happy to create a holistic trade fair concept for you, which also takes into account the right choice of furniture for your trade fair presentation. If you are interested in renting the exhibition stand furniture that suits your needs, you have come to the right place. Thanks to the space-saving SYMA folding mobile, it is easy to save storage space and to assemble and disassemble the required furniture in no time at all. Simply send us an enquiry using the contact form – our experienced team looks forward to hearing from you.