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Greenery at the trade fair stand – success factor with natural charm

Ein Beispiel für die erfolgreiche Begrünung am Messestand.

What are the possibilities to make your booth even more attractive to create a perfect consulting atmosphere? One word: green plants. These beautiful decorative items are at the same time natural, sustainable and fit with almost any type of design and materials. Besides, they optimize the room acoustics and promote human well-being on a psychological and physical level. Why the greening at the booth is a fantastic idea, or how it can be implemented, we show in this article.

How a green exhibition stand contributes to success

There are many ways to stand out on a busy trade show floor. Exhibitors often outdo each other with ingenious room concepts, technical innovations or special giveaways. But it doesn’t always have to be the most expensive technologies or custom-made stand furniture – although these can definitely contribute to success.

By using green plants as decorative elements, exhibitors have a relatively uncomplicated and inexpensive way of making their exhibition stand look appealing and at the same time setting an example for the environment.

In contrast to metal constructions, plastic elements or other materials used in trade fair construction, plants have a clear advantage: they are a natural and sustainable way of designing a trade fair stand. In this way, they also indirectly contribute to environmental protection and offer exhibitors the opportunity to sharpen their sharpen focus on sustainability.

The effect of green plants on the psyche

Anyone who brings a piece of nature into their home or workplace in the form of houseplants does so with good reason: the positive effects of plants have already been proven in numerous scientific studies. They not only have a relaxing and stimulating effect at the same time, but also reduce stress and anxiety and increase well-being.

In addition to these desirable effects on the psyche, plants have also been shown to improve the indoor environment by filtering CO2 and substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethane, which can harm people in high doses, from the air and converting them into oxygen. This is particularly important because the air indoors – due to electrical appliances, wall paint or furniture varnish – is often contaminated with more pollutants than the air outside. In addition, the colour green has a calming and balancing effect in general – but especially in its most natural form as plants – and promotes creativity.

So spending time in nature, the sight of woods and meadows, makes us more efficient, optimistic and happy. A large british study, for example, was able to prove that people who live in nature or close to green spaces rate themselves significantly happier than residents of areas far from nature.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a house on the edge of a forest: Greening also works in the urban four walls, the office or at the trade fair stand – and the positive effects of nature can also be used very well there.

4 current trends for greening at the trade fair stand

1. vertical greening

Green plants, as room dividers or living decoration of the walls, have already found their way into many modern office spaces. To promote motivation, creativity and well-being of employees, but are equally well suited for the exhibition stand. Besides hanging plants, the so-called Green Wall is considered by connoisseurs as the measure of all things. These vertical gardens are a centerpiece of biophilic design (biophilia = love of living things) and can be moved and rearranged as mobile elements at will.

2. spot greening

Those who prefer a more mobile and discreet look can simply rely on selective natural accents in the form of potted plants for the greenery at the trade fair stand; Placed individually or grouped together, the green eye-catchers visually enhance any building structure. Particular attention is paid to the arrangement of different sizes and varieties, the choice of contrasting or harmonious shades and the choice of vessels.

3. ceiling greening

Especially in exhibition halls there is usually a lot of space upwards, but the view upwards is not always attractive; Here, hanging plants that dangle from mounted beams or entwine themselves along taut ropes/chains provide a bit of a jungle feel.

4. greened floor structures

Geometric elements on which plants are placed accentuated – this trend in phyto design is especially suitable for smaller rooms, where the green decoration should become a statement. A special highlight: By cleverly selecting and arranging the plants, not only can certain patterns be created, but even lettering or your own logo can be depicted in a natural way.

Suitable plant species for greening at the exhibition stand

Aesthetics is a very individual thing. And just as diverse as the subjective perception of beauty is the selection of plant varieties that lend themselves to greening at the trade fair stand.

But if you focus on functionality instead of beauty, the picture becomes clearer. The following green helpers, for example, are considered particularly industrious when it comes to improving the indoor climate:

  • Ferns: They are among the oldest land plants at all and are correspondingly robust and undemanding in location and care. Moreover, they are particularly industrious when it comes to improving the indoor climate.
  • Mosses: It doesn’t get much more uncomplicated than moss. Here, neither elaborate irrigation nor additional lighting are necessary, but moss has excellent qualities for room acoustics, exists in a variety of rich green tones and brings the unmistakable feeling of forest to any location.
  • Green lily: an evergreen jack-of-all-trades that also doesn’t need much water. The green lily filters many harmful substances from the room air and spreads a relaxed atmosphere through its dense growth.
  • Ivy: The common ivy is rather inconspicuous, but with its dark green tendrils takes a top place among indoor plants with air-purifying effect. Its special superpower: In addition to the pollutants already mentioned, ivy also cleans the indoor air of unhealthy mould spores.

What should not be overlooked at all in greening is the question of local (light) conditions and care. Because an imposing arched hemp can be as beautiful as it is – if the leaves wilt because no one has time to water them, or change colour because no rays of sunlight get through in the exhibition hall, then the greenery is failing in its purpose – namely to enliven the exhibition stand and create a feel-good atmosphere.

Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to invest a lot of your own know-how and time to integrate plants into a trade fair stand concept. And even when space is limited, a green solution can be found:

Conclusion: greening at the trade fair stand is not only ecologically sensible

Plants can transform a conventional exhibition stand into something lively and, in addition to positive psychological effects, also contribute to a better indoor climate. They are also a great way to use sustainable, natural materials in trade fair construction and can be used again and again as living decoration.

Would you like to learn more about the natural greening of your trade fair stand? Contact us – we will be happy to advise you on design possibilities and other options for more sustainability at your next trade fair stand.