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How brand values can be conveyed in trade fair stand design

Markenwerte Messestanddesign

There are numerous ways to design your trade show booth. But just as we have our own personal style in our daily wardrobe, which reflects our character and perhaps also our values, your corporate identity can also be conveyed in exhibition stand construction. We’ll explain how this works and the impact certain design elements can have on your target audience in this post.

Corporate architecture – a historical design form

The fact that architecture has an influence on the psyche has been known for a long time, although the field of so-called architectural psychology is still comparatively new. Even in ancient Greece, the effect of column elements was used in public buildings to convey transparency between the people and politics or to inspire reverence for the gods in temples.

Today, companies and brands are taking advantage of the exact same strategy, which has come to be known as corporate architecture. The simple goal: to express one’s own corporate identity in a targeted manner through the design of headquarters, office space or even in trade fair stand design and to create recognition value.

A classic example of corporate architecture is BMW’s headquarters in Munich, which has the shape of a giant four-cylinder engine, as used in the company’s famous cars. Completed in the early 1970s, this iconic design not only showcases BMW’s product, but also underscores its brand values of pioneering spirit and dynamism.

Space concepts at the trade fair stand – temporary architecture with character

The psychology of architecture can be used in trade fair stand design to convey one’s own values or to awaken associations with them in the target group. In this context, it is very important to be familiar with one’s own target group, because subjective perceptions play a significant role in the perception of architecture. Age and social background, for example, are factors that have considerable influence on how design is interpreted. Nevertheless, there are some demonstrable, generally valid rules that can be used to communicate brand values to customers through architectural elements.

In trade fair stand design – as in the case of permanent buildings – communicative accents can be set and a recognition value created for your brand by means of the floor plan, the lines, the colour scheme, the lighting, the materials used and special elements.

Example: Clean minimalism as a symbol of focus and seriousness

Clean lines, no-frills design and an uncluttered interior. Minimalism in the design of the exhibition stand is not necessarily a cost-cutting measure or a lack of creativity. On the contrary: the reduction to the essentials can say a lot about the brand and express brand values such as focus, efficiency and seriousness.

In this example, the interior design is dominated by classic shapes such as circles and rectangles, and the branding is implemented with few but effective accents. “Form follows function” – the famous formula from the era of Bauhaus architecture – applies here as a principle.

Example: Harmony and sustainability through organic lines

Hardly any corners and edges, but many natural curves – that is what organic architecture is all about, which is concerned with how man and nature are in harmony with each other. Born in the early 20th century, this style is more relevant today than ever, as it focuses on sustainability and harmony with the environment.

At the trade fair stand, such an organic design can express your sustainability claim as a brand value, which can be further emphasised by environmentally friendly materials and the use of plants.

Conclusion: The trade fair stand design as an effective communication instrument

A visually appealing design for the trade fair stand is the basic requirement for a successful trade fair presentation. When brainstorming, you can use architectural psychology principles to consciously influence your target audience’s perception and evoke associations with your brand values. Organic lines, minimalist design, symmetry or unconventional building elements can be deliberately used to emphasise values such as dynamism, transparency, modernity or sustainability.

An experienced exhibition stand builder can provide you with expertise in the translation of brand values in exhibition stand design and tailor your stand precisely to your corporate identity. Contact the SYMA experts right away and let us talk about your individual requirements and ideas.