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Effective trade fair follow-up – 6 tips & tricks

Smiling woman inSmiling woman in office with mobile phone and pen, for trade show follow up office with mobile phone and pen, for trade show follow up

The trade fair is over, the stands have been dismantled, the halls are empty again – the event was a complete success. After a trade fair, however, it is extremely important to keep at it: It is now important to convert trade fair visitors into customers. But how should you address the trade fair audience after the initial contact? When does the follow-up actually start? This article provides a concise insight into the most effective measures for successful trade fair marketing after the event – also called trade fair follow-up.

1. the follow-up already starts before and during the fair

Die Maßnahmen des Messe Follow-up sind erst dann wirklich erfolgreich, wenn sie schon vor und während der Messe mitgedacht werden. Je besser die Vorbereitung der Messe , desto einfacher die Nachbereitung. So sollten Sie etwa Fotos und Videos auf der Messe produzieren, um sie im Nachhinein längerfristig auf Social Media und der Website verwenden zu können. Sammeln Sie die Kontaktdaten der Messebesucher:innen und pflegen Sie sie detailliert ein, gegebenenfalls auch mit Anmerkungen für eine noch persönlichere Ansprache bei der Nachbereitung. Denken Sie auch an authentisches Storytelling  und an Giveaways, die ihre Wirkung erst nach der Messe entfalten. Oder auch an die Option, nach der Messe vertiefend weiter über Produkte zu informieren. Etwa im Rahmen einer Online Video-Produktshow bzw. einer Hybriden Messe.

2. fast action is required after the trade fair

The time factor is very important in trade fair follow-up. If you let too much time pass between the first contact and the next one, you risk losing potential customers. The motto is: the sooner you get back to the leads, the better. The recommendation here is a maximum of 1 week after contact at the trade fair. It is seldom the case that trade fair visitors contact the exhibiting company of their own accord: so don’t take the chance and stay active!

3. structure trade fair contacts

Regardless of whether the portfolio is geared towards B2B or B2C. Trade show contacts must be categorized and prioritized. In this step, you should specifically ask yourself the following questions: Which leads have top priority? More precisely: Which contacts have the most urgent need for your services or products? Which ones promise the most success for your business? And conversely, which ones potentially consume your resources disproportionately or could mean other complications?

Card index to help with the trade fair Follow Up

4. use various communication channels for the trade fair follow-up

Those who are multichannel or omnichannel have a higher chance of success these days. Particularly because the competition is not yet taking full advantage of this opportunity. The full range of contact channels should therefore be used: Social media (LinkedIn, Xing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.), emails, telephone, but also the good old letter. Additional tip: Ask potential customers directly at the trade fair stand which medium they would prefer to be reached via.

5. targeted personal approach

The notes that you have already written down during the conversations at the trade fair stand will help you to formulate a targeted message. This makes an impression and makes the (potential) buyer feel taken seriously. Also, don’t forget to thank them for visiting your booth and for the nice conversation. And be a bit of a chameleon: adjust the temperament in your approach specifically to the lead in question.

6. extra tip: raffle afterwards

A great way to keep the attention of trade fair participants even after the trade fair is to hold a competition afterwards. An online format lends itself well to this. The same applies, for example, to invitations to attend an event directly on the company premises, which can be combined with a prize draw on site and a guided tour of the company or production facility.

Sweepstake wheel as a method for trade fair follow up

Wir hoffen, dass wir Ihnen in diesem Blog ein paar wichtige Tipps für ein erfolgreiches Messe Follow-up geben konnten. Gerne sind wir Ihnen bei der Ausarbeitung eines maßgeschneiderten Messestandkonzeptes für Ihren perfekten Unternehmensauftritt behilflich. Kontaktieren Sie unser Experten-Team unverbindlich über unser Kontaktformular  oder informieren Sie sich schon vorab, was den Messestandbau bei SYMA besonders auszeichnet.