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Trade fair marketing before the event: the checklist

Lively exhibition hall with large SYMA posters for trade fair marketing

Well thought-out trade fair marketing before the event makes an essential contribution to the overall success of your stand at the trade fair. The planning of every trade fair appearance includes first and foremost the precise addressing of trade fair visitors. The most expensive trade fair stand, the best trade fair concept and the friendliest stand personnel are of only limited use if the attention of potential customers has not been specifically attracted in advance. For this reason, we present you below with a checklist of what we consider to be 5 important essentials to ensure that customer acquisition at your next trade fair appearance really does lead to the desired success.

1. define the appropriate target group

The target group definition forms the basis of the trade fair marketing before the event. Advertising is expensive, which is why wastage should be avoided as far as possible.

So who exactly is to be addressed at the exhibition? This is the initial question, from the answer to which all further measures are to be derived. However, the key to success can often lie in choosing the right trade fair format. Because: Most trade fairs already address a clearly defined target group. The most important step before any trade fair is therefore to choose the right event.

2. use the right channels

An essential part of any successful marketing campaign is the choice of channels relevant to the target group. Why?
Example: If it is already clear in advance that most of the visitors of the annual Trachtenmesse are aged 50+, it would be far wrong to invest most of the advertising budget in social media channels with a young target group, such as Instagram.

In addition, it is usually not sufficient to rely solely on the trade fair organiser’s advertising drum. But what sounds logical is unfortunately missed in practice again and again. So check which platforms your target group predominantly uses and decide on the most suitable approach instruments: press releases, flyers, mail newsletters, social media announcements, competitions for admission vouchers or other.

3. don’t forget the well-tried direct marketing

The trade fair itself is an important part of direct marketing. All other variations of this form of marketing are therefore also particularly well suited to arouse curiosity in potential customers for your company and your products. Existing customers definitely want to be addressed by you personally: For example, through a personal invitation or even a letter with a reply card. And don’t forget the effectiveness of direct approaches: The good old telephone can still have a big impact here.

4. stand out from the competition

“He who shouts the loudest is heard”. An age-old saying that has always had its grain of truth. Translated to trade fair marketing, both in the run-up to and during the trade fair presence, this means: Use the trade fair as your stage. Become an eye-catcher for the audience. The presentation may and in some cases should even be extraordinary. Ultimately, it’s about taking the audience on an emotional journey. So show confidence and become an eye-catcher with an eye-catching exhibition stand. For example, with our trade fair stand of the future – the meet-hybrid Cube.

5. understand “trade fair marketing before the event” not only in terms of time

Good trade fair marketing before the trade fair is not only to be understood in the temporal dimension, but also in the local one. For example, airports, train stations, hotels, public transportation and other stomping grounds in the territorial trade fair environment offer great opportunities to present your brand. Also consider advertising banners or advertising vehicles on access roads and in trade fair car parks. Promotion teams with competent and charming trade fair staff can make a considerable contribution to customer acquisition and loyalty in advance by explaining to the trade fair audience directly before the trade fair where the trade fair stand is located and what great things they can expect at it. Programme flyers, brochures, balloons, competitions, gifts and creative give-aways will whet your appetite for more.

The SYMA team has made it its business to assist you in planning and implementing your trade fair stand so that it becomes a trade fair experience for your customers. Our experts are looking forward to helping you with words and deeds.