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The stand builder – friend & helper for your trade fair success

Messestandbauer und Leiter mit SYMA Logo

Anyone who has ever exhibited at a trade fair knows what a mammoth task it is just to prepare for it. Wenn Sie derzeit überlegen, Ihr Unternehmen – erneut oder erstmals – auf einer Messe zu präsentieren, ist Ihnen möglicherweise schon mulmig vor dem Arbeitsaufwand und den vielen kleinen Details, die überlegt und geplant werden müssen. Not to mention the actual execution and follow-up of the show. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a competent and reliable partner at your side who knows what’s important and takes care of everything you don’t want to or can’t deal with? This is where the stand builder comes in. Why it more than pays to hire such an expert in the field of exhibition stand construction, we tell you in this article.

The trade fair appearance: major project with potential for success

Ist die Entscheidung gefallen, das Unternehmen auf einer Messe im In- oder Ausland zu präsentieren, stellt sich zu Beginn der Planungsphase eine schier endlose Liste an Fragen. What are actually the goals or target groups of the trade fair presentation and how do you reach them? How do you stand out clearly but not obtrusively from the large number of exhibitors? Where does the material come from and what do you need to realistically implement your own ideas?

The mountain of questions usually piles up like this and even more, especially if there is not yet much trade fair experience in your own team. If you want to find all the answers on your own, this will require at least high time resources and good nerves. This usually involves a lot of trial-and-error, frustration and possibly unnecessarily high expenses if you are not well versed in the world of trade fairs and choose from the multitude of options according to the wrong criteria.

The stand builder: an expert with insight

The clear advantage of using a stand builder is that they can take care of everything from individual tasks to a complete all-round service. As early as the goal-setting and creative brainstorming stage, an experienced expert knows what is important and how you can best stand out from the competition. In addition, he helps with realistic planning and always has an overview of the project status and progress, as well as the time requirements or capacities.

Your reliable partner will take care of the production of the trade fair stand, including the procurement of all materials, flooring, technology and any custom-made products, as well as transport to the location, assembly and dismantling at the trade fair site and ideally also the storage of all components if they can be reused.

We can also take care of the technical orders and the necessary approvals (statics, materials, etc.) from the trade fair organiser on request. On site at the trade fair location, the stand builder also knows exactly what needs to be taken into account – from the correct positioning and alignment of the stand in the hall, to the efficient sequence of work steps, power and water connections, cable laying, right through to the storage of the empties at the trade fair location. In this way, typical mistakes in trade fair construction can be avoided from the outset.

How to find the right partner for your trade fair stand

The selection of a good exhibition stand builder is based on various factors, depending on your individual requirements and possibilities. Ideally, you should get someone on your side who already has a standing in the industry and accordingly has many years of practical experience, specialist knowledge and a good network. The latter is particularly important if your trade fair appearances take place at international venues or if you have unusual special requests for your trade fair stand.

Depending on whether you focus on smaller and/or local trade fairs or also want to present your company internationally, references that reflect international expertise should be considered when searching for a trade fair stand builder.

However, it is also important that the chemistry is right and that the establishment of a basis of trust seems realistic. This not only contributes significantly to the success of the trade fair, but also enables the establishment of repeated cooperation – including all the associated advantages, such as cost efficiency. For this purpose, a non-binding initial meeting is a good way to get to know each other and to define ideas and expectations.

Conclusion: Expertise pays off

In short, the advantages of having a good exhibition stand builder on your side are as numerous as the planning steps for the trade fair appearance itself. You can count on him for:

  • All-round support from brainstorming to storage
  • Many years of experience and competence
  • Existing know-how and (international) network of partners & suppliers
  • Recognition and implementation of optimization potentials

Once you have found the right exhibition stand builder, repeated cooperation will result in even more factors for increasing efficiency, such as the establishment of routine, less coordination effort and constant optimisation of processes.

You are convinced and would like to use the advantages of a competent partner for your exhibition stand? Contact the SYMA experts right away, Sustainability, as well as technical innovations on the threshold of the future of trade fair construction. Our team will be happy to support you in planning your next trade fair project!