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Details at the trade fair stand – small decisions with a big impact

Details am Messestand – kleine Entscheidungen mit großer Wirkung

Why is it important for exhibition stand personnel to wear uniform clothing? Why can a small giveaway have an impact on the purchase decision? Why do just a few sustainable elements make a big difference? The answer is: Because every net is only as good as the small threads that make it up. The overall impression is created from tiny details on the exhibition stand. We’ll show you which small decisions are sure to make you memorable.

. The overall impression is created from tiny details on the exhibition stand.

The decisive first impression

The human brain is dependent on processing a large amount of information in a very short time; It is precisely this first impression that can be decisive when faced with an abundance of offers; Visitors without an exact requirements profile rely more on their gut feeling when making decisions, but this can be consciously influenced; Controlled input helps the brain to process the available information more quickly – and to remember it in a positive way. Exhibition stand personnel can make a decisive difference here. In a flood of impressions, strikingly uniform clothing helps to recognise who is there to advise you. It is even easier if this person offers help of their own accord with a friendly smile. A small detail that makes a big difference in the very first acquisition step.

The visual design of the trade fair presentation is part of the first impression

Actively control dwell time

The first impression is not only about the staff, but of course also about the visual design of the presentation. Here in particular, the details on the exhibition stand can make a big difference in standing out from the crowd. Odours that are used discreetly or lights that are warm and inviting in different ways depending on the area. Colours are among the details that are not immediately noticeable and yet strongly influence the subconscious in order to increase the length of stay. But the question of detail can also be taken literally: Why not actually incorporate lots of small elements that are only noticeable on closer inspection? Structures on the walls that can only be recognised by touch – or messages in small print for those who actually look closely. Once such elements have been discovered, curiosity increases and the time spent on the site increases; As a visitor, you are immediately involved in a playful way and interact with the exhibition stand.

Setting sustainable green accents

Setting sustainable green accents

When you’re planning the visual details of your trade fair stand, don’t forget about nature. Plants convey calm and increase well-being. Visitors are thus invited to relax while visiting your stand. Green accents should be supplemented by actual environmental protection aspects if sustainability is anchored in the corporate philosophy. Even small signs can attract a lot of attention here. How about a portafilter coffee machine instead of a capsule model? Water glasses, instead of paper cups or recycled ballpoint pens. Especially in the category Giveaways you can score points with considerations on sustainability in the current times. This makes it all the more important to act thoughtfully and rule out accusations of “greenwashing” from the outset. Honesty and transparency when it comes to sustainability can go a long way, and moving forward authentically in the right direction is already crucial to making a positive impression.

The deliberate selection of small elements, such as a ceiling element, gives the room a special flair.

The deliberate selection of small elements, from the material to the chosen ceiling element, gives the room a special flair. The combination of all these details serves to present your individual story and create a trade fair presence that stands out from the crowd. Superficial wow-effects often prove to be short-lived, while dedication to the finest details makes itself felt and is rewarded in the long term. If you need help to professionally combine your detailed ideas into a coherent overall picture, our experienced team of trade fair construction experts at your side at all times.