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Trade fair as an experience – what makes it so unique

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A trade fair offers an outstanding platform to get in touch with potential customers. A qualitative trade fair stand offers the opportunity to shorten or skip a large part of the customer journey – i.e. the path from initial contact to the conclusion of a purchase. This is because it literally brings an interested target group into close contact with the products and services of an exhibiting company. A sophisticated exhibition stand and – last but not least – an open and relaxed atmosphere each play a major role in sales success. In this article we address the question of what makes the trade fair experience so special for exhibiting companies.

The trade fair as an experience for potential customers

The trade fair event offers a unique opportunity to reach new customers who are already pre-selected by the nature and theme of the trade fair. Since the majority of guests are interested specifically in the subject of the exhibition they visit, they are naturally more willing to buy than the average population. It is therefore generally easier for exhibitors to initiate or conclude sales at trade fairs. If guests are hesitant to make an immediate decision, it is advisable to include your contact information, for example, by participating in your trade newsletter or a sweepstakes. These are extremely valuable leads that should be targeted again as soon as possible after the trade fair (keyword “retargeting” or “follow-up“). In conversations, the guests also learn background information and “intimate” insights, which is constructive for building mutual trust.

The trade fair as a networking hotspot

Particularly in the B2B sector, trade fairs can be optimally used to establish and maintain business contacts. A trade fair is to be regarded as an event for all companies in an industry. There they get together, network, exchange ideas and have a good time over a drink or two appropriate to the time of day. On the one hand, it is about professional exchange through lectures and other side events about the latest trends and innovations in the industry. On the other hand, of course, it is also about “seeing and being seen”. The fact that personal interactions take place at the trade fair stand is worth its weight in gold, especially for companies that are unknown to each other, and can be the start of long-term cooperations.

A chance to think “out of the box

A trade fair event as an extraordinary situation offers the chance to present oneself in an unusual way or to try out new ideas. There are no limits to creativity in terms of stand architecture, colour design, giveaways, stand lighting and many other elements. Take a look at our trade fair stand of the future or the SYMA BLACKBOX for inspiration. Trade fair discounts, promotions, competitions as well as supporting programme items such as workshops, lectures and shows offer further opportunities for a company to show itself from a previously unknown side.

The trade fair as a company’s acid test

A trade fair stand always represents a unique opportunity, but also a massive stress test for exhibitors. The products and services presented there by trained employees make a stronger impression on potential customers than almost any other form of marketing. While service, consulting & sales at a distance always represent a communicative and logistical challenge, the exhibiting company has the direct and unique opportunity at the stand to convince customers of its own portfolio at close quarters and directly at the customer. The trade fair therefore means B2B and B2C contact on the ground. Therefore, our recommendation: Get the most out of your trade fair stand – and take the lead in making the trade fair a memorable experience.

Conclusion: The trade fair as an absolute multitasker

To conclude, highlight the advantage of a trade fair event over other marketing methods once again: The trade fair is an absolute multitasker. This is because it brings together many elements that are crucial for sales success – and does so in a concentrated space and within a short period of time.

These include:

  • Face-to-face interaction between potential customers and the exhibiting companies.
  • Shortening the customer journey by optimizing the integration of marketing, consulting and sales.
  • Networking with companies from the same industry through the exchange of the current state of knowledge and development as well as through personal contacts.
  • Opportunity for unusual ideas through the sheer endless possibilities of trade fair construction.
  • This is a real test for the exhibiting company, as the visitors get closer to the company than anywhere else. The impression gained at the trade fair remains in the memory.

Do you want to stand out from your competitors at your next event? Contact our team of exhibition stand construction experts and create a tailor-made trade fair strategy with SYMA so that your next appearance will be a real trade fair experience.